5-in-1 6007 cosmetology combine

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DescriptionFunctions:Ultrasonic PortionUltrasonic scrubberIcroderoabrasionElectroporation· Micro-current therapyTechnical features:Unit power: 80 W.Dimensions: 48х36х13.5 (h) cPackage dimensions: 55.5х46х28 cmNet weight:... Read more...

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Ultrasonic Portion

Ultrasonic scrubber



· Micro-current therapy

Technical features:

Unit power: 80 W.

Dimensions: 48х36х13.5 (h) c

Package dimensions: 55.5х46х28 cm

Net weight: 10.50 kg

Gross weight: 12.10 kg

The multifunctional 5-in-1 device 6007 is one of those modern cosmetology devices, the use of which in the field of cosmetology today has become a very common thing for companies specialized in providing an integrated approach for the care of the skin of the face and body.

The range of its functions covers almost all the stages of skin care that meet the requirements of a modern woman: diagnostics, therapy, care, prevention, anti-aging procedures.

The 5-in-1 multifunction device 6007 is an appliance that not only replaces several single-function devices, but is also able to expand the range of services of a beauty salon, a study, a medical clinic, a SPA center. The purchase of such equipment will be particularly relevant if you are developing long-term planning for the development of your business, as it allows you to immediately save time, money and work space in your beauty salon.

The 5-in-1 multifunction device also allows you to optimize the beautician's work. It is not necessary to change different devices in the treatment process of the same customer, thus wasting precious minutes of work not for the customer, but for the equipment: after all, they can be replaced in some way with success by just one: modern and multifunctional.

The presence of such equipment in the beauty salon is a clear indicator of a high level of professionalism and of the reputation of the salon as a whole, because it indicates a constant improvement in the level of the structure.

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