Apparatus for crystal and diamond microdermabrasion 2 in 1 AS-910

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The diamond Mikrobrusher 21 AS-910 has been developed for the microdermabrasion with microcrystals. When microdermabrasion with microcrystals is a controlled, mechanical removal of the upper layers of the skin with microscopic crystals (aluminum oxide, salt, diamond powder, microfine sand). Then the microcrystals and the cuttings are sucked by a vacuum system carefully from the skin.

Every day our skin is claimed. Wind and weather, intense UV radiation and, not least, frequent contact with water and detergents or cosmetics can strain the skin and the skin s natural barrier. With microdermabrasion, a mechanical peeling method, the skin s structure can be improved. Especially for stressed skin, acne or scars, treatment with the method of microdermabrasion gently and selectively result in a fresh and clear complexion. Currently, more and more often to hear from the phenomenon of microdermabrasion and read in cosmetics and in dermatology. But what is actually exactly behind it? Use the microdermabrasion are removed, the uppermost cell layers of the skin mechanically by fine crystals. Imagine this is after sandblasting principle. Dead skin cells can be removed so completely painless. Here also the lymph flow is activated.

When microdermabrasion the skin to be treated is analyzed firstly. It helps answer questions to the sensitivity and the structure of the skin. The skin preparation is cleaned gently. In the next step the skin with special products is again cleaned intensively, the skin surface is degreased. Now the microdermabrasion is performed with microcrystals. The following is a post-cleaning, then toiletries and special cosmetics can be applied to the skin. Use a microdermabrasion, the formation of the cells of our skin are stimulated. Likewise, the microcirculation of the cells can be increased, thereby ultimately also supported the restoration of an intact stratum corneum. In an application with the microdermabrasion products placed on the skin active ingredients can act much more intense, therefore the cell formation can be normalized and total benefit the entire cellular matrix of this type scrub. Since the Elastanbildung is excited, our skin becomes taut and fresh. The best part: The result is directly visible.

Unlike many other methods of dermabrasion, the removal of the skin can be regulated by means of microdermabrasion and thus controllable. Thus, layers of skin are not easily removed, but the strength of removal is regulated by the number of treatments and the intensity of removing. It also caused no further calluses, on the contrary. The sebum of the skin can return to normal, so that impure and oily skin can be permanently improved.

Especially people who suffer from acne or acne scars for many years, benefit from microdermabrasion. This method is also suitable for dry skin, stretch marks and cellulite, with large-pored skin and scars. Microdermabrasion is also popular for use in anti-aging treatments. A microdermabrasion treatment can be carried out by the way not only in the face, but the entire body. Depending on skin type and complexion is recommended after microdermabrasion sonication.

A microdermabrasion should be repeated at regular intervals, so that effective and especially permanent results can be achieved. Depending on your skin the microdermabrasion is either carried out once a week and then in a 14-day rhythm or as a treatment several times a week.

It is very important Also home care. There are no way to use fat products for the care, since these cosmetics would promote keratinization of the skin. Instead, products are recommended which moisturise. In addition, the skin should be protected after treatment necessarily from intense sunlight.

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