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Premium class AN-104 professional needle-free mesotherapy device is a device that includes functions to solve the aesthetic aromas of the skin. It is compact, concise, easily adapts to the beauty salon of any size. It can be placed on a special trolley near the operator. Work silently, safely and very comfortably.

Main functions:

• Miroorrenti;

• Electroporation;

• Cryotherapy;

• Thermo-stimulation

1. Electroporation is a non-invasive method of introducing special substances into the dermis using electromagnetic fields! Since the invention of electroporation, the number of patients has increased significantly. After all, people with hypersensitivity can now not be afraid and feel comfortable during the procedure. Treatments on large areas of the skin, for example when removing "orange peel" cellulite, will not cause pain. The result after manipulation depends on the medications chosen by the doctor and the method of deposition in the skin. For this reason, the mesotherapy device has an extremely important role! With this luminaire you can use the handpiece in which the function of light retention is incorporated. Therefore, two procedures are performed simultaneously! But the nozzle designed for the front area does not have this additional option.

2. Microcurrents for the treatment of areas around the eyes

After microcurrent therapy, the muscles are stimulated and toned in this area. The bags under the eyes are reduced, the ptosis of the upper eyelid is leveled. In addition, cosmetics penetrate deep into the dermis.

3. Therostimulation

The method allows you to prepare the patient for subsequent procedures. You can easily heat the skin, open the pores and improve the absorption of cosmetics. To do this, you will need a special nozzle included in the AN-104 kit.

4. Cold therapy

It is used as a final step after all the procedures performed. The effect of cold has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, narrows previously opened pores, skin calms down and irritations are alleviated. This appliance combines the additional function of light therapy. Blue spectrum.

By purchasing the AN-104 needle-free mesotherapy device, you will have a reliable multifunctional device for skin rejuvenation. Elegant design, many functions, comfortable work, reliability and durability!


Monitor: LCD

Power: 50 W

Voltage: 220 V

Dimensions: 40Х39Х36 cm

Weight: 7 kg

Buy it on our website and you will have an 18 month warranty! Possibility to follow a course with the release of the relative certificate!

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