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Apparatus for vacuum-roller massage with infrared radiation, ultrasound and RF technology EMS-72

    This device is intended for high-quality liposuction and lymphatic drainage in professional beauty salons. The unique combination of four main technologies in one device allows you to achieve maximum results in a relatively short period of time. Also, the advantages of such a procedure should include the absence of the need to use additional means in the work and complete safety.


Skin tightening

Reducing cellulite

Reducing wrinkles

Reducing stretch marks

Weekly reduction

Operating principle

    Purposeful focusing of all four technologies, which EMS-72 contains, allows you to concentrate the impact on a specific area of ​​the skin. The essence of the device is in the powerful activation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue to stimulate lipolysis. In addition, the roller massage procedure is quite pleasant and the patient gets the maximum pleasure from the session.

main technologies:

Vacuum roller massage. This is a mechanical effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue through the absorption and release of a separate area of ​​the skin, as well as the targeted action of massage rollers. By kneading the fatty tissues in this way, they lose their bonds with each other and stratify. The excretion of lipocyte decay products by the lymphatic drainage and circulatory system is stimulated. The vacuum also activates the synthesis of the collagen layer of the dermis, which is a kind of skin frame. Thus, wrinkles are smoothed, the surface becomes smoother and more elastic.

RF. Radio waves that emanate from manipulators penetrate deep into tissues without harming the epidermis and dermis. The adjustable wavelength allows you to localize the RF action and provide a targeted effect on the subcutaneous tissue. Radio waves create invisible vibrations that can affect the lipocyte membrane, as well as intercellular communications. By destabilizing these elements, RF stimulates the breakdown of the fatty layer.

Infrared radiation. The action of this technology warms up the lipid tissue under the skin. Thanks to the ability to adjust the parameters of this radiation, you can direct it to the problem area without touching nearby tissues. This is important for the safety of the procedure. An increase in temperature causes emulsification of fats. Some cells are destroyed and waste products are removed by the lymphatic drainage system.

Ultrasound. Cavitation is used to deeply affect tissues. The adjustable ultrasonic wavelength helps to localize its effect on the fatty layer. Under their influence, tiny air bubbles are formed, which destabilize the membrane and contribute to the breakdown of large lipid compounds. Fatty acids and triglycerides are excreted through lymphatic drainage or used for the body's needs.


The device is equipped with four attachments for influencing different areas of the skin. Smaller ones are used to treat the area around the eyes, a little more for the face, neck, decollete area. The following are for exposure to the subcutaneous tissue of the hands and feet. The largest attachment applies to the buttocks, back, thighs and abdomen. This allows you to capture the optimum working area under different conditions.

Indications for the procedure

The use of this device is practically unlimited for people who dream of adjusting their forms, as well as getting rid of excess volume in the video layer. It is recommended to carry out the procedure in the following cases:

Skin tightening;

Removal of wrinkles;

Contouring the area around the eyes;

Elimination of crow's feet at the outer corner;

Removal of bags under the eyes;

Recovery of forms after pregnancy;


Elimination of cellulite layers;

Intensive liposuction of deposits on arms, legs, back and abdomen;

Improving metabolism in a specific area of ​​the body;

Losing weight;

Decrease in waist, arms or legs;

Figure contouring;

Elimination of stretch marks, including postpartum;

Elimination of the "orange peel" effect

Data sheet


Vacuum cavitation,

bipolar RF,



Roller massage


Absolute pressure: 90kPa-25kPa (68.4mmHg-19cm.)

Relative pressure: 10kPa-75kPa (7.6mmHg-57cm.)

Pulse Width: 0.5s-7.5e

Roller speed: 0-36rpm

Roller working mode: 2 types

Security check mode: Real-time online

RF frequency: І MHz

RF Energy Density: 60 J / cm2 (Max)

Cavitation frequency: 40KHz

Cavitation power; 60W (max.)

Total tips: 4 tips + 2 treatment heads

Laser wavelength: 940nm

Laser power: 20W (max)

Unit size (C8 +): 588x446x1104 mm.

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