AS-C10 ultrasonic peeling and microcurrent machine

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Are you looking for a complex cosmetic system? Then you definitely will like a functional device “AS-C10”. It will help beautician to do ultrasonic peeling, micro-current therapy and phonophoresis efficiently and gently. This option will become the right solution for the development of your cosmetic business. This model has a good technological base. It removes gradually the layer of dead cells on the skin. During the procedure a microcirculation in the refined areas of the skin improves, inflammation slows down. The skin also becomes more resistant to stress and unfavorable environmental conditions. “AS-C10” will prepare the client to other special procedures. With this device you or your beauticians can serve more customers per working day, and the variety of orders will be expanded. “AS-C10” is good for teenage "problem" skin, and for "aging" skin of solid age person. Choose variety, choose a practical device “AS-C10”!

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