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Cavitation is the effective, non-invasive medical treatment for localized fat reduction, cellulite and blemishes in general. Currently, more and more people are concerned about his body and physical beauty and choose the treatment of this kind to avoid invasiveness and lose weight and lose weight. The very satisfying results are reached already from the first sessions. With the cavitation procedure both men and women can solve aesthetic problems such as cellulite legs, orange peel legs and others, but in any case you also need physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

The Quirumed Cavi form is intended for medical cavitation only, as it has 40 kHz low frequency ultrasound. The following effects are achieved with this appliance:

Act directly on the heaps of fat and reduce these deposits

Reduce and eliminate cellulite nodules

Improve the tone of the fabrics

Reshape the body and do the facelift

Eliminate stagnant liguids and emerging stretch marks

The Quirumed Cavi form is a device that includes 11 work programs with different intensity for the treatments of the different areas, as the Continuous mode is recommended for the treatment of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Instead Modulated for areas with little adiposity.

Technical features:

Electric power 175w

Ultrasound (frequency) 40kHz

Cavitation energy 5-47 watts / cm2

Power supply 110-125 v / 1.8 A (max) / 60Hz or 220-240v

Dimensions 31.5x23.5x12.5cm

Weight 4 kg

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