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They attach great importance to a sophisticated ambiance in your salon? Their clientele is very demanding, both in terms of the professional performing the treatments as well as with respect to the interior and the equipment used? Then we have the facial bed knockout 3-1 OFREY the right furniture for you. And at a price that will blow you away.

With the KO-3-1 OFREY we can offer a visual and functional highlight for her salon. In customer surveys, this deck gets top ratings ever, both by the users for their functionality and ergonomics as well as visitors to the rooms for their comfort and beautiful design.

The cosmetics and massage table KO-3-1 OFREY is universally applicable and robust. The exclusive use of high quality materials and components guarantees a long service life. It offers maximum comfort and can be adapted by its variety of settings suited to different working conditions and applications.

The particularly stable frame is made of beechwood and is characterized by highest stability with minimal low weight. In the sub-frame and a shapely shelf with rounded edges is integrated. On this shelf is a spacious wooden box is the same color as the sun. This box is accessible from both sides and can be closed on both sides with flaps. Moreover, the flaps are each lockable. Here you can besides towels also preparations and instruments stowed practical and safe.

The lying surface consists of two padded segments, the slope of a segment can be adjusted manually. This variable segment is also provided with a coverable face opening. This makes the sun particularly versatile in the applications.

The padding of the massage table is made of high quality and durable materials, ensure the functional and well-groomed appearance over a long period. The surface is smooth and consists of a pleasant, oil and water repellent synthetic leather, which easily can be cleaned with commercially available disinfectants.

Whether in beauty or massage parlors, clinics, doctors offices or hospitals - the cosmetics and massage table KO-3-1 OFREY has proven itself in practice well. To enhance the sleeping comfort and to support the treatment comes with two additional cushions in the color of the sun, the beauty and massage table KO-3-1 OFREY.

The price for this looker will surprise you, but we have placed great emphasis on an excellent price-performance ratio in this model.

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