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Introducing the Endosphere Evoflex Duo cosmetology device. Experience unparalleled face and body modeling technology

Unlock the secrets to glowing skin and a toned body with the Endosphere Evoflex Duo, a cutting-edge beauty machine designed to revolutionize your skincare and body contouring.

Machine advantage:

Revolutionary 360° Rotatable Intelligent Drum Handle: With a unique design with continuous long-time operation, this handle provides safe and stable operation with a high rotation speed of 180,000 rpm, outperforming similar products on the market by 30%.

Dual handles: The device is equipped with two handles, a large one for massaging the body, hands and feet and a smaller one for massaging the face and neck.

Interchangeable Ball Rollers: Both arms are equipped with interchangeable metal and medical silicone ball rollers, providing versatility and customization options for your treatment needs.

Adjustable speed and color light modes: With 10 adjustable speed levels and 7 color light modes for each handle, you can personalize your treatment experience to your preferences.

Comprehensive treatment options: Each color light mode offers three treatment options, allowing for a personalized approach to solving different skin care problems.

User-friendly design: With easy-to-learn controls and fast, great results, achieving optimal facial and body contouring has never been more accessible.

Face and neck care:

  • Wrinkle Reduction: Targets lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to wrinkles, resulting in a rejuvenated and toned complexion.
  • Brightens complexion: Stimulates oxygenation to nourish skin from within, restoring a healthy glow.
  • Relax and tone muscles: Improve skin appearance and complexion by relaxing and toning facial muscles, promoting a more lifted and smoother appearance.
  • Facial Rejuvenation: Improves skin tone, texture and overall complexion while addressing concerns such as dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Body care:

  • Cellulite reduction: Fight the appearance of cellulite by improving local circulation and smoothing the tissues in problem areas.
  • Improves Lymphatic Circulation: Restore blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to improve detoxification.
  • Improves tone and texture: Using micro-vibration compression technology, this machine gently tones and tightens the skin for superior results and a more youthful appearance.

Enhance your skin care and body contouring routine with the Endosphere Evoflex Duo beauty device.


Output frequency 40-254 Hz

Technology Innovative compression microvibration technology

Output power 100-1000 W

The speed of the large handle is 18,000 rpm

Larger pen 50 silicone balls (for body care)

The speed of the small handle is 18,000 rpm

Smaller pen 60 silicone balls (for face/neck care)

Fuse 5A

Ambient temperature 5°C~+40°C

Voltage AC110V~230V 50HZ/60HZ

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