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The ems-beautyit online store presents the 3-in-1 multifunction device IB-5566, which represents the beautician's dream. For what reason? The presence of three functions and a large set of nozzles will allow the specialist to perform a wide range of manipulations aimed at rejuvenating and restoring the skin.

 Indications for use

Using the IB-5566 device, the beautician can perform the following manipulations:

• deep hydration of the skin;

• stimulation of the regenerative functions of the skin;

• improvement of the complexion;

• acne treatment;

• elimination of blackheads;

• correction of acne, scars;

• normalization of the sebaceous glands;

• smoothing of stretch marks;

• smoothing of wrinkles;

• recombination of collagen and elastin fibers;

• restoration of skin elasticity;

• treatment and prevention of vascular lesions such as cuperosis and rosacea;

• treatment of ptosis;

• reduction of cellulite;

• correction of various types of pigmentation;

• increase in muscle tone;

• postpartum recovery;

• assistance for postoperative recovery;

• activation of lymphatic drainage, blood flow, metabolic processes;

• elimination of local fat deposits;

• treatment of seborrhea;

• prevention of premature aging;

• administration of drugs and cosmetics.

As you can see, with the help of a device, whose compact dimensions allow it to be placed on any surface, the beautician will be able to perform a wide range of procedures aimed at restoring and improving skin conditions. However, it is important that the doctor notifies the patient on the first visit that in order to achieve a pronounced and lasting effect, the latter will have to undergo a complete course of procedures.

Potential of the device

The device presented is equipped with the following technologies:

• Microcurrent therapy

This technology uses low frequency current pulses aimed at improving muscle and skin tone. It is often used by athletes in preparation for competitions or during recovery from injuries in order to restore muscle tone. In addition, microcurrents activate blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase the tone of the vascular wall and restore intercellular metabolism. As a result, excess fluids, toxins are eliminated from the body, thanks to these processes the volume of the opo is reduced. And the active flow of blood makes the skin more toned and elastic.

• Ultrasonic peeling

Для проведения данного вида пилинга используется специальная лопатка, которая генериратаультая Таким образом удается произвести микромассаж тканей на клеточном уровне, улучшив кровоток и лимо. Это приводит к очищению организма от застоев, благодаря чему сходит отечность. Также ультразвук эффективно очищает кожу от ороговевших частиц эпидермиса, убирает из пор грязь, после чего вызывает их сужение и стимулирует кожу к саморегенерации.

• Ultrasonic phonophoresis

Ultrasonic phonophoresis is a way to introduce healing and cosmetic substances deep into the dermis without the need to use needles. The introduction of the substances is carried out using ultrasonic waves, which increase the permeability of the skin to the selected components. Therefore, it is possible not only to introduce the substances more deeply, but also to increase their effectiveness.

 Distinguishing features

The distinctive features of this model are:

• A series of different nozzles allows the cosmetologist to perform a wide range of manipulations for the care of the skin of the face and body.

• The absence of invasiveness will allow the patient to perform the procedure even at lunchtime, after which he will immediately be able to return to his usual business.

• The procedures are absolutely painless. For this reason, it is not necessary to use anesthesia or pain relievers.

• The patient will notice the first positive changes already after the first session. But in order for the effect to be pronounced and persist for a long time, it must perform a series of sessions.

• The presence of the certification confirms the safety of the device.

The device itself has a concise design, thanks to which it will be appropriate in any interior of the aesthetic center. During operation, it makes no noise, so the procedure will be comfortable for both the patient and the specialist. And its electricity consumption is minimal.

 Prohibition of use

It is forbidden to perform procedures using this equipment if a person has contraindications to the method. These are:

• oncological diseases;

• malignant neoplasms;

• pathology of the endocrine system;

•    cardiovascular diseases;

•    infectious diseases;

• damage to the integrity of the skin;

• dermatological diseases;

• process

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