Cosmetology laser 2 in 1 Riviera New (diode + neodymium laser)

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Riviera New 2 in 1 cosmetic laser combines two powerful technologies - diode and picosecond lasers. Designed for use in cosmetology and dermatology for various procedures, it provides high efficiency and the possibility of application in various areas.

To achieve the best results and ensure customer safety, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, regularly maintain and clean the device, consult with professionals and consider the individual needs of each customer.

Riviera New is an innovative tool that helps customers achieve the desired results in their beauty journey and improve the condition of their skin painlessly and effectively.

Riviera New 2 in 1 cosmetology laser combines diode and picosecond laser technologies, creating a powerful tool for performing various procedures in cosmetology and dermatology. Thanks to its technical characteristics and advanced functionality, this laser device is able to provide high-quality and effective results in a number of procedures, including hair removal, pigmentation treatment and tattoo removal.

Recommended procedures include:

  • Hair removal: The 808 nm diode laser effectively removes excess hair on any part of the body, allowing you to achieve smooth skin painlessly and quickly.
  • Age spot removal: The picosecond laser can remove various age spots, including sun spots and tattoos, by breaking down the pigments into small particles that are naturally excreted from the body.

The Riviera New laser is equipped with safety systems, including radiation protection, overheating protection and a cooling system, making procedures safe for patients and operators.

A convenient touch screen makes it easy to adjust parameters for specific patients and procedures. And also, thanks to the possibility of setting various parameters, this laser can be successfully used for different types and shades of skin.

The Riviera New cosmetology laser allows you to achieve visible and long-lasting results in various cosmetology procedures, improving the well-being and feeling of comfort of clients in their skin.

This laser is the ideal tool for modern beauty clinics and spas that strive to provide high-quality services and achieve impressive results. Be sure to follow all instructions and safety rules before use.


Screen size: 8 inches touchscreen

Laser type: 808 nm semiconductor diode laser, Gem-type picosecond laser

Wavelength: 808 nm, 532 nm, 755 nm, 1064 nm

Energy (diode laser 808 nm): 1-150 J/cm²

Pulse delay (diode laser 808 nm): 1-100 ms

Pulse duration (diode laser 808 nm): 1-400 ms

Spot size (diode laser 808 nm): 15x15 mm

Highest energy in picoseconds: 2500 mJ/cm²

Pulse width (picosecond laser): 600 ps

Spot diameter (picosecond laser): 1-10 mm

Operating frequency: 1-10 Hz

Power: 2000 W

Supply voltage: 220 V, 110 V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz

Cooling system: Wind cooling, water cooling.

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