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Have you been looking for a convenient and functional cryolipolysis device for a long time? Then the IB8208-C is exactly what you need. 


-C is a vacuum cryolipolysis system. With its help, a specialist can carry out body modeling and facial contouring. Despite its small size, the device is equipped with two maniples for the face and body (each of the maniples has a touch display so that the doctor is not distracted by the main display during operation). Using nozzles, the doctor can carry out treatments on all parts of the body and face. 

Attaching the nozzle to the problem area, the specialist first starts the vacuum, drawing the skin into the maniple, accelerating blood circulation in this area. Then the effect of temperature from -5 to -15 degrees Celsius is performed, stimulating the destruction of adipocytes. After cell death, they are excreted through the lymphatic system. In one session, it is possible to reduce body volume by 25-30%, and after a course of procedures, this coefficient increases to 90%. 

Using the IB8208-C device, a specialist can:

  • reduce the volume and weight of the body;

  • reduce the appearance of cellulite;

  • tighten loose, sagging skin;

  • smooth out wrinkles;

  • eliminate the second chin;

  • accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow. 

During the treatment, there is no need for anesthesia, because the patient does not experience pain. There is no downtime required after the session. Immediately upon completion, a person can return to their usual life. 

Contraindications for use

It is strictly forbidden to use the IB8208-C device with the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • obesity;

  • oncological diseases;

  • infectious diseases;

  • autoimmune pathologies;

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;

  • cold allergy;

  • built-in pacemaker;

  • renal and hepatic insufficiency;

  • critical days.

Otherwise, there is a risk of complications. Make sure your patients are free of any of the above conditions. 

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To make a purchase, contact the store manager at the phone numbers that you see on the site. Or fill out the feedback form and expect a call as soon as possible. 

Equipment parameters

Type - cryolipolysis and vacuum device

Complete set - 2

display - touch color multilingual

Processing temperature - minus 15 degrees Celsius

Voltage - 110/220 V

Warranty - 12 months

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