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The company "EMS Beauty" presents to the attention of specialists the high-tech diode laser MARYAH. The advanced technology ensures fast, gentle and effective hair removal from any part of the body.

Equipment capabilities

The MARYAH diode laser is the “gold standard” of laser hair removal. With its help, it is possible to get rid of unwanted vegetation on any area of ​​the body. The principle of action is based on photothermolysis: a laser beam heats the melanin pigment inside the hair follicle, destroying it and disrupting the functions of the bulb, limiting further hair growth. The MARYAH laser is especially effective when working with dark hair on light skin and areas where the hairs are excessively coarse.

The advantages of the presented equipment are powerful technology that provides excellent results. This ensures that the equipment is used without downtime, so your investment will return quickly to you. But the main feature of MARYAH is the display located on the handpiece. This function allows the specialist to concentrate completely on the work, without being distracted by the main display if it becomes necessary to change its parameters during processing.

The handle itself is ergonomic, so it will be convenient to work with it for a long time. And its flash resource of 50,000,000 provides a long service life without the need for replacement. What is important: with such functionality, the MARYAH device is distinguished by its small size, which will allow it to be conveniently placed in a room of any size.

Interested in the MARYAH diode laser? Order it at a bargain price and with the possibility of free training on the ems-beauty website. Leave a request for a call back, and during business hours our manager will contact you to help you place your order.

Technical specifications

Energy density: 10 ~ 140 J / cm

Pulse frequency: 1 ~ 10Hz

Pulse duration: 10 ~ 300ms

Power: 800 W 10 bar

Wavelength: 755/808/1064 nm

Light spot size: 12x15 mm2

Cooling: water + TEC 450 W (exclusive 2 sets) + air

Cooling handle: Crystal Freeze Cooling temperature (-10 ° C ~ 10 ° C)

Device screen size: 12 inches

Handpiece screen size: 2.4 inches

Warning system: tank temperature

Flash resource: 50,000,000

Dimensions in packing: 58x70x151 cm

Net weight: 62 kg

Gross weight: 73 kg

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