Diode lasers + BIPOLAR RF DUFLEX

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Features Laser

Frequency - 1 - 5 Hz

2000 Watt

The frequency - 50-60 Hz

Voltage - 110/220

DESCRIPTION diode laser bipolar RF DUFLEX

Diode Laser - the newest unique device based on non-invasive light therapy: it effectively removes skin covering some unwanted hairs (impact access to any zone) for the long term. The device is the latest specimen of beauty technologies in this field of modern cosmetology operates highly efficient, completely safe, and is simple to use. Diode laser proves the validity of the application of innovative laser devices in carrying out hair removal procedures.

This unit is operationally effective as a diode laser, but also performs other functions, based on the action of RF therapy.

It not only removes hair from all parts of the body, but provides decent care for aging aging skin, prevents the primary signs of sagging epidermis, it helps to tighten turgor, dramatically improves the color of skin and its texture, quickly and with high performance eliminates even the pronounced effects of scars and stretch marks.

It is important to abolish the developers care about the absolute security of clients undergoing the procedure.

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