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Vibrating Dermal Roller with removable heads 0.25-2.0 mm of penetration, with reusable handpiece. DNS needling devices are medical devices and comply with CE0120 standards. With this Vibrating Dermal Roller, treatment complications are minimal, post-treatment simple and immediate results. The needling treatment is painless and micro-invasive, therefore it represents the alternative to other therapies. Needling is an ideal medical-aesthetic technique to reduce wrinkles, scars left by acne and stretch marks. This roller is intended for professional use, thanks to the longer needles it allows the stimulation of collagen and elastins and represents the rejuvenating effect.

This instrument cannot be autoclaved, it is necessary to choose another type of sterilization. 0.25mm head is included. This length of needles serves to improve the appearance of the skin of the face and the neck, this head can be used for home use.

For DTS Roller you can buy a head of different sizes, from 0.25mm to 2.0mm. Vibrating Dermal Roller promotes the absorption of the active ingredients of anti-aging products through the micro-holes created by the needles. Vibrating Dermal Roller helps reduce wrinkles and stimulates the closure of enlarged pores, improves elasticity and skin tone.

Like all rollers DTS Vibrating Dermal Roller is very effective, it has 450-540 needles for each roller that are designed in the shape of a disk (60x9). The 0.25 head which is included, can be used for home peeling.

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