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The Magneto NEO electromagnetic stimulation device (EMS) is a high-tech device for the treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain and degenerative joint diseases. It features two integrated applicators including an annular Magneto Transduction coil type that applies a pulsed electromagnetic field and transforms it into body tissues, accelerating their healing process. It also has NIRS (near infrared spectroscope), which can penetrate deep into muscle tissue and have a good infrared therapeutic effect.

Magneto Transduction NEO features a unique applicator design that combines NIRS and magnetotherapy for better results and shorter treatment times. It also features improved integrated applicators for more comfortable and pain-free therapy, an updated arm holder for free therapy and a more stable and flexible position, and an updated software with two functions that can work together or separately.

Magneto Transduction NEO also has many beneficial properties such as supporting collagen production, reducing swelling and inflammation, improving joint health, improving physical performance, aiding muscle recovery from sports injuries, relieving pain with analgesic effects, and reducing muscle spasm.

This machine has high-tech technical parameters, such as 4 Tesla coil power, fast pulses in MT mode (1-100Hz), 2.5 liter water cooling system, and aluminum box package inside and carton outside.

In addition, Magneto NEO has many benefits such as improving fitness, supporting collagen production, reducing swelling and inflammation, relieving pain and reducing muscle spasms. The device can be used to treat diseases such as osteoarthritis, back pain, lumbago, chronic pain, athlete's injury and tendon strain.

Magneto Transduction NEO is equipped with advanced integrated applicators to provide painless 2-in-1 therapy. In addition, the adjustable retention system and improved software allow the two functions to be used simultaneously or separately.

This device provides a unique opportunity to treat diseased joints, muscles and other diseases that cause pain and discomfort. Ideal for use in the home or professional healthcare setting.

Technical specifications

Field strength on coil 4T

Field productivity 92t/s

Oscillation frequency in ST mode 1000-3000 Hz

Oscillation frequency in MT mode 1-100Hz

Water cooling system Water 2.5 l

NIR 940nm/660nm/620nm

Pack aluminum box inside and carton outside

Packing size 66*60*50 kg

Gross weight 44 kg

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