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If you are looking for a truly innovative skin rejuvenation machine, look at the PIXEL-777.

Device features

The equipment presented is considered innovative, because it combines the effects of a fractional RF laser and RF micronidling:

The fractional RF laser acts, as the name implies, fractionally. The nozzle generates a beam, which, passing through the matrix, is divided into hundreds of microbeams, fractionally covering the skin. Thus, only certain areas are heated, which, due to the acceleration of regeneration, cause the renewal of the entire skin.

RF micronidling resembles the usual, only the RF energy is carried through the needles to simultaneously warm and stimulate the tissues. That is, at the same time, mechanical damage to the skin is performed, and then tissue biostimulation is launched, as a result of which a rejuvenating therapeutic effect is achieved.

In one procedure, the cosmetologist can use one or both technologies, switching between them during processing using the pedal.

Adjustable Conditions

The PIXEL-777 system is designed for such manipulations:

smoothing facial and age wrinkles;

correction of scars, stretch marks, scars, acne;

lifting of sagging, sagging skin;

restoration of reduced skin tone;

lightening pigmentation of various origins;

decrease in the severity of cellulite;

activation of collagen and elastin synthesis;

acceleration of regeneration processes;

stimulation of metabolic processes.

Since both technologies are sharpened by RF exposure, the effects are preserved for a long time.

Model benefits

The competitive advantages of the PIXEL-777 system are:

A set of nozzles, one of which is designed for non-invasive procedures, and the second for invasive ones.

After the procedure, you do not have to worry about side effects - they are absent.

After processing, a short recovery time is required, since the needles used are of a minimum diameter. Usually, the very next day, a person can return to normal life.

Manipulation itself practically does not give a person painful sensations.

The specialist switches between technologies using the pedal.

Easy operation is driven by an intuitive menu and a touch-sensitive LCD screen.

The needles are made of well-conducted material that acts on both the epidermis and the deep layers of the dermis.

Among other things, the installation has a minimalistic design that will look beneficial in any interior.

Prohibition of use

Contraindications to the use of the device are such conditions:

pregnancy and lactation;

infectious diseases;

tendency to keloids;

malignant neoplasms;

inflammatory processes on the skin;

damage to the integrity of the skin;

oncological processes in the body;

mental disorders;

decompensated diabetes mellitus;

the presence of a pacemaker.

Before use, the specialist must make sure that the patient is completely healthy and that the procedure will not harm him.

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