Hair Removal Machine ESTI-180C (OPT SHR IPL)

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The ESTI-180C photo hair removal machine presented on this page of the site is one of the best equipment models on the market that use a broadband xenon light source and photothermolysis technology. The functionality of this model allows you to carry out a wide range of cosmetic procedures and photoepilation - only one of the possible services that beauty salons can provide to its visitors with its help.

Application of the ESTI-180C photoepilation apparatus (OPT SHR IPL)

Equipment functions can be divided into two categories - one is designed for photo hair removal in SHR (Super Hair Removal) mode, i.e. hair removal using intense light radiation, and the other allows you to produce a large number of skin treatment procedures. In this case, a large number of operating modes and interchangeable band-pass filters make it possible to use almost any corrective manipulation using this apparatus alone. So, changing the band-pass filters in the SR manipulator, the cosmetologist chooses different ways of influencing the tissues, which allows him to treat acne (480 nm), eliminate pigmentation (530 nm), remove veins (590 nm), as well as treat the skin and restore its functions (560 nm).

The use of IPL technology can accelerate tissue healing, recombination of collagen in the subdermal layer, and improve the lifting process. Thus, the ESTI-180C can quickly and efficiently perform the most popular procedures among visitors to salons:

hair removal in any area of ​​the skin;

rejuvenation of the dermis with the restoration of its elasticity and elasticity;

face lifting;

smoothing age wrinkles;

narrowing of enlarged pores;

texture restoration;

elimination of defects in the form of age spots and tone leveling;

vein removal;

acne treatment.

At the same time, it should be noted that photoepilation and cell rejuvenation sessions, based on the use of intense light and photothermolysis, have a number of limitations. Therefore, before starting a course of treatment, you must always consult a doctor.

Contraindications for the use of the methods used are:


heart disease and hypertension;

high photosensitivity of the dermis and recent procedures that can increase its photosensitivity;

conducting IPL or chemical peeling in the last six months.

Advantages of ESTI-180C

In addition to excellent functionality, the device also has a number of technical features that provide it with significant advantages over other models of photoepilators.

The advantages of this model are:

operator-friendly form of maniples and the presence of an indicator of the number of pulses in them, making it easy to control the work

Heraeus Brand xenon lamp with a resource of 400,000 flashes and keeping all radiation parameters unchanged during the service life;

more efficient cooling of the light source, prolonging its use;

reliable low-temperature crystalline (sapphire) skin cooling;

a large selection of band-pass filters AFT for the most efficient procedures;

Improved manipulation of water cooling, providing better heat dissipation from the light source;

automatic recognition of connected manipulators with adjustment of maximum parameters;

updated software with the ability to select and adjust all session parameters.

To purchase an ESTI-180C photoepilator, you just need to fill out an application on the website or call one of the phone numbers listed on the website. In addition, by filling out an application through the site, you get the opportunity to get a free training course from our consultants, during which you gain the full amount of knowledge necessary for the correct and effective operation of the device.


Light source xenon lamp

The number of flashes more than 400,000

Repetition rate 1-10 Hz

Range of radiation used:

HR 650-950 nm

VR 590-950 nm

PR 530-950 nm

AR 480-950 nm

SR 560-950 nm


Wavelength SHR IPL 480/530/560/590/640 nm

Energy density 1-50 J / cm2


Maniple light spot size:

SHR 15x50 mm

OPT 12x30 mm, 10x50 mm - optional


Crystal cooling (-4 ° C-2 ° C) + air + water

Continuous operation time up to 18 hours

10.4-inch True Color Touchscreen

Mains parameters 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 15 A

Power Consumption 2000 W

Net weight 60 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH) 63x53x116 cm

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