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Often, a decrease in the brightness of sexual sensations in women is caused by such an unpleasant phenomenon as vaginal relaxation. As a result of vaginal relaxation, the relief of the mucous membrane of the vagina is smoothed, the tone of the muscles of the vagina decreases, and the sensitivity decreases. Improving the quality of sexual life and restoring the fullness of sensations helps modern technology of ultrasonic exposure HIFU. With its help, you can non-surgical way to tighten the muscles of the vagina and normalize the condition of the mucous membrane. Ultrasonic waves have a stimulating effect on the mucous membrane and underlying muscle fibers, promote the recombination of collagen fibers. As a result of this procedure, the functioning of all tissues improves, sensitivity improves and the fullness of sensations is restored. This is due to focal ultrasonic stimulation of tissues that are heated to a temperature of 65 ° C for 0.1 s. Ultrasonic waves are focused at a strictly specified depth and a specific area, which leads to the formation of collagen recombination sites. Tissues located outside the focal plane are not exposed to any effect, and after complete recombination of collagen fibers, the normal surface relief is restored.

As a result of using the HIFU 217 apparatus, the following is achieved:

a powerful strengthening effect that allows you to improve your sex life;

vaginal lubrication is more intensively produced and dry mucous membranes are reduced;

sensitivity improves due to cell regeneration;

the condition of the mucous membrane improves and the number of pathological microorganisms decreases.

The device is made in the form of a portable unit, which has a small weight and dimensions, which allows you to install it both on a special trolley, and on a regular table or small bedside table.


Portable layout

Output power, J from 0.2 (weak) to 2.0 (strong)

Power adjustment 0.1J / step

Distance, mm 1.0 - 10 mm (0.5 mm / step)

Focal length, 0.5 - 25 mm (1.0 mm / step)

Angle of rotation, ° 5 - 25

Mains voltage ~ 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power, VA 160

Fuse FL5X20 / 3.15A with buffer (double fuse)

CE certification

Case color white

Net weight, kg 15

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