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The HKS12 professional pressure therapy device designed for slimming and combating cellulite. With this relaxing therapy, the skin becomes smooth and firm, as pressure therapy improves metabolism and blood and lymphatic circulation. This device can be used in beauty centers, clinics or spas to help patients achieve excellent results in a short time.

2 leggings and abdominal belt with 2 bracelets are included for lymphatic drainage and massage. Up to 3 areas can be operated independently or simultaneously. With this device, the pressure therapy session becomes invigorating and relaxing. The leggings and the abdominal band with bracelets are equipped with 24 sections, they are made of elastic material for the perfect massage.

Using 2 leggings you can treat the lower limb from the feet to the abdomen, thanks to the 24 sections the lymphatic drainage becomes very effective.

The jacket, complete with an abdominal band with 2 bracelets, provides effective pressure for lymphatic drainage so the massage process is very pleasant.

Thanks to pressure therapy, blood circulation is improved, toxic substances are eliminated from the body, muscles are relaxed and lymphatic flow improves, the skin becomes toned. In short, pressure therapy is very useful for the human body and by using treatments regularly you can overcome the fight against cellulite and improve the contours of the body.

The HKS 12 device includes 4 programs:

- Pressotherapy: lymphatic drainage with 2 treatment modalities, based on manual drainage.

- Lymphatic drainage: the sections swell consequently and thus create pressure waves.

- Waves: only 3 sections swell at the same time and create waves from the lower limb to the arms.

- Eye massage: includes air massage, vibrating and heating. This type of massage improves eye health.

Technical features:

24 sections

Pressure: from 20 to 360 mmHg

4 methods of treatment

Display to choose the mode

The time of a cycle: 30 sec

Dimensions: 65x50x49 cm

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