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SHR technology combines laser and the benefits of pulsating light and allows for excellent results. Hair reduction with SHR is the innovative method that guarantees results after the first session. The treatment is quick and painless, which is why it has become very popular. Traditional IPL uses pulses and applies a large amount of energy which is transported to the hair root through melanin, whereas SHR technology uses melanin only partially and gently reheats the skin.

The advantages of the device are:

Fast treatment with frequency up to 10 Hz

Large handpiece size: 15 50mm

This device is suitable for all skin types.

The handpiece and user manual are included

Technical features:

Power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz

Light energy: 1-26 / cm2

Pulse quantity: 1-15 ms

Cooling temperature: -4 ... + 4, the closed circulation of water for cooling.

Timer from 1 to 30 sec

Dimensions: 60X46X34 cm

Pulse repetition frequency: 1-10Hz

Weight: 24 kg

With this device the photoepilation treatment will be pleasant, painless and effective. This method guarantees the elimination of 80% of the hairs and after each session a decrease in hair and its weakening. After a few sessions, a visible improvement of the skin is obtained and it is recommended for people prone to folliculitis. It is recommended to repeat 1 session every 4-6 months.

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