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To the present moment any human skin was clean and well-groomed required to pay special attention to it. And for that now applies many techniques. But mostly, the main among them is the hardware cosmetology. That it is now not only shows great results, but also significantly reduces the time for skin rejuvenation treatments. And in recent years become very popular portable devices that relate to hardware cosmetology. But before such a complete set of them, it is required to purchase a basic unit, which would have provided a highly efficient cleaning of the upper layer of the skin from pollution. This is best done by using wave radiation, which addresses all of its layers, and the skin is not only cleaned, but also stimulates the cell metabolism is accelerated under the influence of the cellular micro-massage.

Basic procedures performed on the apparatus
- Deep peeling
- Skin Whitening
- Soft wrinkles
- Acne Care
- Micro-massage to improve circulation of blood and lymph
- Introduction of liquid phase materials


Adjustable rate of 10 to 30 Hz
Power 4.5 W
Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz 110-130V / 60Hz
Dimensions 25 23 6.5 cm

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