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Online store "EMS-Beauty" is glad to present you the innovative Leonardo skin analyzer. It represents the most modern and advanced equipment for diagnosing skin problems today.

Model advantages

The Leonardo analyzer works in 3-in-1 format: it can be used for diagnostics, display in 3D format and save images in order to compare the result before and after treatment of detected problems. The main feature of Leonardo is spectral imaging of the skin in RGB, UV, PL modes together with artificial intelligence. This provides an opportunity for 15 seconds to diagnose the subject:

• type and level of pigmentation;

• enlarged pores;

• level of tissue moisture;

• the texture of the skin;

• wrinkles and their type;

• rate of sebum oil production;

• the level of firmness and elasticity of tissues.

In addition, the Leonardo analyzer recommends, based on the data obtained, the best treatment options for the identified conditions. He also makes a forecast for several years ahead and stores data on patients so that they can see the difference made by treatment and lifestyle adjustments.

The Leonardo analyzer is an indispensable equipment for the work of cosmetologists and dermatologists, and the ideal choice for large beauty salons and beauty centers. To place an order not for him, leave a request on the ems-beauty website, and the manager will call you back during working hours to help you in all the details.


System - Android 8.1

Power - 45 W

Voltage - 110-230 V

Frequency - 0.2A 50Hz

Technology - spectral imaging RGB, UV, PL

Megapixels - 20

Display - 10.1 inches

Dimensions without packaging - 42x36x56 cm

Net weight - 8 kg

Dimensions in packing - 50x45x67 cm

Package weight - 12 kg

Warranty - 1 year

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