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For cosmetologists across the country, the DIY Microcurrent Therapy Device 107 is featured on the website. Equipped with a set of nozzles, it will allow the specialist to perform a number of different care procedures. face and body. And thanks to its compact size, it will always be within reach of the master, without taking up much space.

Application in cosmetology

The DIY 107 microcurrent therapy device is used to solve such skin problems:

• acne;

• dryness and sensitivity;

• pigmentation;

• flaccidity;

Soft tissue ptosis;

• wrinkles;

• premature aging;

• scars, scars, stretch marks;

Vascular defects such as rosacea and rosacea;


• unhealthy color;

• dark circles under the eyes;

• cellulite.

It is important to warn the patient that to obtain a pronounced and lasting result he will have to undergo a series of procedures. On average, it goes from 10 to 15, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Technological features

What is microcurrent therapy? The method uses weak current pulses to stimulate the body's own resources. Microcurrents are used to normalize the metabolism, improve the transport of amino acids and normalize the circulation of fluids. This effect helps improve skin and muscle conditions by focusing on intracellular processes.

The method has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the regeneration of the skin, activates active lymphatic drainage, tones the skin and restores muscle tone. All this leads to the fact that the skin is rejuvenated: wrinkles are smoothed, the floating face contour is corrected, new collagen and elastin are produced, as a result of which the skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

Running lymphatic drainage helps eliminate swelling and removes bags under the eyes. In addition, cellulite goes through this because the body is clean of toxins and toxins.

Advantages of use

Beauticians around the world have fallen in love with the microcurrent therapy device presented for its distinctive advantages:

• A series of nozzles allows you to perform a wide range of face and body care procedures.

• The procedure does not involve damage to the integrity of the skin, therefore the patient must not devote time to the rehabilitation period. Immediately after the session, he can go home or to work, as it doesn't take more than 20 minutes to complete.

• The procedure does not bring pain or discomfort to a person, so you can forget about using anesthesia or pain relievers.

The installation itself will delight cosmetologists with its compact size, so that the device can be installed on a cosmetic trolley and moved from one cabinet to another if necessary. The system consumes the minimum amount of electricity and quickly pays for itself. And in a simple and understandable context, even an inexperienced teacher will understand it.

Buy equipment

If you want to equip your beauty center with a compact but high-quality device for microcurrent therapy, we recommend you buy it and also at a reasonable price in the Ukrainian Medical Systems online shop. On the site you can find the certification.

We offer a warranty for each device and we also offer free training courses on how to properly use the equipment. You can do it in our main office or online, as you prefer. After graduation, you will be issued a certificate.

You can order delivery to all cities and regional centers of Ukraine. To contact the manager, leave a request and you will be called back during business hours. Or call the numbers you see on the site.

Use is prohibited

Use of the device is prohibited under the following conditions:

Autoimmune diseases;

• oncological processes in the body;

• problems with blood clotting;

• chronic diseases during exacerbation;

• dermatological inflammation;

• damage to the integrity of the skin;

• cardiovascular pathology;

• malignant neoplasms;

• built-in muscle stimulator, silicone or metal prosthesis;

• pregnancy and lactation period.

In order for the patient to leave the cosmetologist only with positive impressions, he must first undergo a physical examination for the presence of contraindications to make sure they are absent.

Technical specifications

Type: microcurrent cosmetic system

Functions: rejuvenation of the face and body

Complete set: 7 nozzle electrodes

Current: 20-800 μA

Current pulse frequency: 0.25-500 Hz

Power: 40 W.

Voltage: 220 V.

Dimensions: 22x16x5 cm

Weight: 2.2 kg

Guarantee: 12 months

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