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The goal of many women is as long as possible to keep or regain a youthful appearance and a smooth tight skin. One way is the stimulation of muscles. As a result, the muscles are tightened, stimulated the lymphatic flow, promote blood circulation. In addition, the muscular work burns fats - the flab "melt".

For muscle stimulation can be used Reistromgeräte in beauty treatment. Under current stimulation is understood as Low-frequency (0 to 1000 Hz) and medium-frequency (1000-300000 Hz) currents. Medium-frequency current is widely used in cosmetics in the treatment of problem areas, both in the face and on the body. It is largely free of side effects and easy to handle. Properly applied, can be achieved visible results within a short time. The medium-frequency current has been found for use in cosmetics as particularly suitable since, in contrast to low-power muscles and nerves are painless to stimulate. The reason for this is: In the medium-frequency range, the different excitation thresholds (sensory, motor, pain thresholds) are far apart. From the structure of the skin results in a further special feature: the cornea and the underlying skin layers represent a barrier to the electrical current in the form of a contact resistance. This resistance decreases with increasing pacing rate. When medium-frequency currents it is very small, so the pass of the current boundary layers of the skin relatively lossless and can penetrate to deeper layers of tissue. This results in a good tolerability of the medium-frequency current. Thus, the risk of burns and burns compared to the DC and low-frequency current is very low. But not only this local, but also the systemic tolerance - which is mainly determined by the ventricular fibrillation - has improved over the latter currents. The intensity of the current for triggering ventricular fibrillation is the medium frequency far beyond the current intensities used for treatment.

Effective treatment with current assumes that nerves and muscles are energized. This happens when low-frequency current through the choice of frequency, can follow the excitable structures synchronously. Responding to medium frequency nerves and muscles even more with emotions, but they are no longer able to respond to the rhythm of the stimulation frequency. Nevertheless, to achieve an effect, you have to change medium frequency low frequency in its intensity - it is also called amplitude modulation. These devices can be internal and / or generated by beats in the perfused tissue. In the first variant, the current is usually about two electrodes is introduced into the tissue (bipolar system art).

In the interference, another form of amplitude modulation, one to the body via two pairs of electrodes (tetrapolar) to two independent, slightly different in the medium-frequency currents. This overlap in the treatment area. By appropriate selection of the output currents arise in the tissue low, periodic intensity variations, so-called beats.


A special feature of the medium-frequency current is that both a flow along the nerve and muscle fibers as well as a cross-flow can be carried out. These longitudinal and transverse flow has great practical significance. .The Irritation occurs largely independent of the running direction of the nerve or muscle. The beautician therefore does not require exact anatomical knowledge, but it is sufficient if you know the approximate course of the muscle to be stimulated and accordingly placed the electrodes.

The following effects can be achieved on the basis of the medium-frequency current:

Structure of the muscle volume and therefore reduce wrinkles by padding underneath sagging skin.

Promoting blood circulation.

Improvement of the lymphatic transport.

Positive impact on the regeneration processes.

Improve the skin.

Relaxation of muscles.

Stimulation of fat metabolism.

Reduction of cellulite.

It is possible to describe here the following important for the beauty treatments on the face and body.

The stimulation is carried out on the face,

In order to build muscle - the skin is tightened, sagging skin padded, and reduces wrinkles, ie lifted without a scalpel.

To relax the facial muscles - as expression wrinkles is counteracted and tension in the masseter or chewing muscle (masseter) are dissolved.

To improve the skin - over muscle contractions oxygenated blood is pumped under the skin, the lymph flow and metabolism are stimulated, the skin becomes rosy.

Stimulation on the body:

The stimulation of the body is mainly for the following reasons:

In order to strengthen the connective tissue and strengthen the muscles - thus the skin is tightened and improves body contours.

To activate the lymphatic system (lymphatic apparatus)

To actively act for example in cellulite treatments by the stimulation of fat metabolism and lymphatic transport to the orange peel.

To assist in fat loss in problem areas targeted.

It is advisable to integrate electrical stimulation treatments in the course of treatment at the beauty salon. For instance, the effects of the stimulus current increase through the use of infrared light, which can be applied with the stimulation current preliminarily or simultaneously. Following the body treatment with medium-frequency current-care preparations can be applied to the skin. These can enhance the effect of the stimulus current.


In addition to the applications of the medium-frequency current, there are also contraindications. Thus, the current stimulation therapy in the following cases should not be used:

Pacemaker, heart disease.

Acute, local inflammatory processes.

Post-traumatic and rheumatic inflammation.

Febrile Diseases.


In the carotid sinus area.

Central seizure disorders.

Diseases of the nervous system, e.g. Parkinson, seizures etc.


Injuries such as fractures, muscle tears, tendon injuries.


The Nervstimulator HF BLUE LIGHT 816 is very light and compact and thus can be used anywhere - stationary in practice and in the salon or mobile, for example, during home visits.

The delivery scope includes different shaped electrodes for the treatment of different parts of the face and the body. An electrode-Saturator, an electrode for the neck and two pear-shaped electrodes with piston diameters of 25 and 40 mm for other skin areas of the body.

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