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Alexandrite laser Donna II PRO is advanced equipment created to achieve incredible results in tattoo removal, skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. Thanks to its power and unique technical characteristics, this laser will become your reliable assistant in a beauty salon or clinic.

Equipment capabilities:

  • Dual-wave technology: 1064 nm and 755 nm waves for effective treatment of different types of skin pigmentation
  • Adjustable head with 8-18mm spot size for precise and comfortable use
  • Water and air cooling system to ensure a comfortable treatment process
  • Energy parameters 100J @ 1064 nm, 60J @ 755 nm for a powerful effect on the skin
  • Touch control interface for convenience and ease of use

Distinctive feature:

The most impressive feature of the Alexandrite laser Donna II PRO is its ability to effectively remove tattoos, various types of skin pigmentation and improve the condition of the skin without the need for recovery. This allows you to ensure the best results for your customers and increase the reputation of your beauty salon or clinic.

Order the device:

To purchase the Alexandrite laser Donna II PRO, contact EMS Beauty. We guarantee the quality of equipment and professional support for our customers. Contact our experts today to place your order and get more information.


Monitor: 10-inch digital LCD display with real color

Interface: Touch

Control system: Single crystal chip

Head: Spot size 8-18 mm with air cooling

Wavelength: 1064 nm and 755 nm

Cooling system: Water cooling with automatic water temperature control in the range of 5-25 °C; Skin cooling using Peltier technology and cold air

Energy: 100J @ 1064 nm, 60J @ 755 nm

Pulse width: 5-100 ms

Number of pulses: 1-5T

Interval between pulses: 5-100 ms

Pulse frequency: 0.25, 0.5, 1 Hz, 2 Hz

Pilot beam: Green laser 520 nm

Power supply: 3680 W with dual IGBTs

IGBT: Made in Japan

Capacitor capacity: 5000 μF x 8 = 40000 μF; 10000 µF x 8

Laser board: Lamp size 100x176x10 mm, made in Great Britain; 2 pcs.; Rod Alexandrite 755 nm; LBO PP-LN; The output wavelength is 755 nm

Laser fiber: Made in Japan, MITSUBISHI; Fiber diameter 1 mm, length 2200 mm

Size and Weight: Size 400(W) x 800(L) x 1150mm(H) x 95(H)mm; Weight 95 kg

Order the Donna II PRO Alexandrite Laser from EMS Beauty right now to provide your clinic or beauty salon with the most advanced equipment for tattoo removal, skin pigmentation and rejuvenation. Our laser will provide you with high efficiency, reliability and quality of treatment. Contact us now to learn more and place an order.

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