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Looking for a professional photoepilator whose capabilities would be superior to classic systems? Then the ESTI-90 photo epilation machine is exactly what you were looking for!

Available technology

The ESTI-90 system is a combined apparatus equipped with IPL and SHR technologies. IPL technology applies pulsed light in various ranges on the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin and hair, heating it and leading to the stage of destruction. The technology is mainly used to remove unwanted hair. But IPL hair removal should only be done on fair skin and dark hair to avoid damage due to melanin concentration.

The second available technology is the SHR technique, which translates as Super Hair Removal. The peculiarity of the technique is that it acts with pulses of light gradually, but more often, providing the desired effect without any damage. Also, the absence of side effects is affected by SHR technology, called In-Motion, which allows you to work in motion without stopping in one place and without causing overheating. The advantage of SHR is that it is suitable for all types of hair and skin, regardless of their color, but in general, the ESTI-90 photoepilation apparatus is used for such manipulations:

removal of unwanted vegetation on all skin phototypes;

lightening or reducing the severity of pigmentation;

treatment of vascular lesions such as rosacea or rosacea;

elimination of freckles;

correction or reduction of the severity of shallow wrinkles;

restoration of skin firmness and elasticity.

The presence of a set of maniples provides the processing of both delicate areas of the face and large areas of the body.

Functional Features

To understand how the ESTI-90 photoepilation apparatus stands out from other systems, you should familiarize yourself with its advantages:

The combination of technologies allows you to expand the list of available procedures, thereby speeding up the return on your investment funds.

Since the system is equipped with several types of radiation and a set of maniples, this will allow providing services to a larger number of customers and thereby increasing the flow of profit.

The presence of a large spot size allows you to adjust large areas of the body for a quick period of time. Thus, the time is saved both for the master and the client.

A triple cooling system prevents any overheating and avoids any pain or discomfort.

Features of SHR technology will save on the purchase of a neodymium laser, as this type of treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Fault detection is automatic. When they are detected, the system signals.

It is also worth noting that the ESTI-90 photo hair removal machine is equipped with an intuitive menu and a convenient control panel, so it will be a pleasure to work with it.


Interested in the characteristics of the presented device? Order it at an affordable price in the “EMS-Beauty” online store. Choosing us, you choose high-quality equipment, the cost of which is the lowest on the market due to our direct cooperation with manufacturers.

As a bonus, you get the opportunity to learn how to use the purchased device for free in our office or via Skype. Upon completion of training, you will be issued a certificate that you can apply for future work. You will also receive a guarantee that will provide you with service for a year.

If you need additional consultation, contact the store managers on the phones that you see on the site. Or fill out an application for a call back and they will contact you on a weekday.

Technical specifications

Type of machine: photoepilator

Energy Density: SHR: 1-50 J / cm2 / IPL: 1-25 J / cm2

Spot Size: 15x50mm2

Power: 2000 W

Dimensions: 62x59x115 cm

Display: 8.4 inch

Warranty: 1 year

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