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If you are interested in a revolutionary photoepilator, Ukrainian Medical Systems is pleased to present the ESTI-50. The presence of three popular technologies and an upgraded case make this system the best choice for co... Read more...

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If you are interested in a revolutionary photoepilator, Ukrainian Medical Systems is pleased to present the ESTI-50. The presence of three popular technologies and an upgraded case make this system the best choice for cosmetologists.

Available technology

The ESTI-50 device is equipped with the following technologies:


The target of IPL exposure is the pigment melanin, which is concentrated inside the hair follicles. Since melanin has the ability to easily absorb light, it is from this ability that it dies, causing hair loss and stopping its further growth. It should be borne in mind that IPL treatment is suitable only for fair-skinned patients with dark hair. Otherwise, there is a high risk of overheating of the skin and the occurrence of side effects.


The E-light technique is used for ELOS hair removal and rejuvenation. The technology is revolutionary because it combines light and radio wave exposure. The light is aimed at the hair shaft, and the radio waves warm the follicle, thereby providing a positive effect, but reducing the load on the skin.


SHR technology uses high-frequency laser radiation. Since the pulses are applied at a very high speed, the skin around the treatment area does not heat up, but the target effect of follicle damage occurs. In addition, the In-Motion mode is designed for motion processing, which guarantees faster processing without side effects. SHR hair removal can be performed on any type of skin.

Cosmetic application

The ESTI-50 system is designed to carry out such procedures:

elimination of unwanted vegetation from any part of the body;

elimination of the problem of ingrown hair;

solution to the problem of hair growth in both sexes;

elimination of irritation after shaving or the use of means for depilation;

correction of age spots of various nature;

smoothing wrinkles of various depths;

narrowing of enlarged pores;

acne and acne treatment;

restoration of skin tone;

general rejuvenation of the skin and correction of the effects of photoaging. Since the device is equipped with three advanced technologies, the above manipulations can be performed on any type of skin at any time of the year.

Distinctive features

The ESTI-50 photoepilator stands out from other systems with a number of advantages:

The combination of technologies makes it possible to carry out various types of procedures for everyone, regardless of their skin type.

When performing the manipulation, you can refuse to use anesthesia, since the person does not experience pain. Those slight discomfort that occurs during processing can be easily transferred. If the patient's pain threshold is low, the doctor should use a local anesthetic gel.

Since the device is equipped with an In-Motion mode, the manipulation is absolutely safe for all skin types. The same feature minimizes the risk of side effects.

Unwanted hair removal is available at any time of the year. Traditional photoepilators are not capable of such.

Since the manipulator is equipped with a resource of 300 thousand flashes, it can be used for a long time without the need to replace lamps.

The presence of a debugged warning system ensures that the device turns off when a failure or malfunction is detected.

Since the body of the device is more ergonomic, connecting maniples is now much easier to perform.

The small size of the device will allow you to place it on any surface without compromising the workspace.

It is also worth noting that the control system is designed intuitively, therefore, mastering the working settings will not be difficult for a specialist of any level.

To make a purchase

You can order the presented equipment at a bargain price in the Ukrainian Medical Systems company. You can be sure that you get a reliable, certified device, the cost of which is much lower than in other stores. The reason is that for 10 years of cooperation with manufacturers, we agreed on the lowest purchase prices, making the retail price profitable for you.

Upon purchase, you will be offered to undergo free training on working with equipment. You can take the training course in the format that you prefer - either in our office or at home, going to a conference on Skype. After graduation, you will receive a certificate. You will also be provided with a guarantee that will provide you with service in case of warranty malfunctions.

You can arrange delivery to any city in Ukraine. Express delivery is available in Kiev, and in regions delivery of goods is carried out through the post offices of UkrPost or New Mail, as well as through the delivery services In-Time and MeestExpress. To clarify all the details, call the store manager on the phones you see on the site, or fill out the feedback form and expect a call during business hours.

General characteristics of IPL
Power, W 2200
Device type stationary small
Handle resource 300 000
Wavelength option, nm HR:650-950 SR: 560-950
Spot size option, mm SR: 10х40 HR: 15х50
RF power, W 30
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