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The portable ultrasonic scrubber MICRO SLIM offers despite its small dimensions and low weight, a wide range of applications at the highest level. And as with all our products, we have placed great emphasis on an excelle... Read more...

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The portable ultrasonic scrubber MICRO SLIM offers despite its small dimensions and low weight, a wide range of applications at the highest level. And as with all our products, we have placed great emphasis on an excellent price-performance ratio.

Ultrasonic Scrubber MICRO SLIM can be used for ultrasonic peeling (skin scrubber), and use the mesotherapy while delivering outstanding results.

With high frequency, the tip of the skin scrubber moves on the moistened skin with special products. It created so-called "elastic waves", which atomize the coated preparations thereby producing microscopic moisture particles. Simultaneously, dead skin particles, ie Cells have lost their ability to function, replaced gently through the cavitation (Hohlsogwirkung). The underlying fully functional cells remain intact.

How does an ultrasonic peeling?


In an ultrasonic peeling a peeling quality cream is first applied to the skin, which is then distributed using a special ultrasound machine and incorporated in the upper skin layer. The combination of ultrasonic vibrations and micro-massage makes during treatment for a microcirculation, where the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and it is also supplied with plenty of oxygen. In addition, the ultrasonic waves cause on wet skin, the formation of microscopically small gas bubbles, resulting in an enhanced cleaning effect is apparent. Dead skin cells are removed and transported excess sebum better thorough from the pores. The ultrasonic peeling is mainly used for facial cleansing for use, but can be used at will on other skin areas such as décolleté, neck and back.

A great result right away - the effect of the ultrasonic peelings

The result for a ultrasonic peeling is a deeply cleansed skin that is not stressed, but relaxed despite intensive cleaning. This makes ideal conditions for subsequent treatments to be created, because the skin is now perfectly prepared to absorb nutrients. The peeling result is already clearly visible after an application, however, is not permanent. It is advisable initially to let every one to two weeks to carry out an ultrasonic peeling to ultimately reduce the time interval at once every day or every two months. Here it is advisable in any case to consult the treating beautician and to have an individual care program.

How does an ultrasonic peeling feel?

Cleansing the skin using an ultrasonic peeling is completely painless and free of unpleasant side effects. Only in rare cases, and especially in very sensitive skin can scattered skin exhibit slight reddening. Generally, you feel a gentle tingling sensation during treatment. Because the skin is removed after peeling from all impurities, they should be protected following from direct sunlight.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a gentle process, which achieves yet visible, natural-looking results. It is compared to surgery significantly cheaper, and few side effects in the case of needle-free Mesotherapien absolutely painless. The skin and the connective tissue to improve from the inside out, more self-treatments with pills, creams or tinctures, which go beyond the daily care, are usually unnecessary. Nevertheless, mesotherapy has its limits: Optimal results can only be achieved if the relevant anatomical structures are still intact. Like any other naturopathic methods can mesotherapy help only where the repair mechanisms of the body are still effective. The own lifestyle habits can affect the results greatly. Diet, exercise and other factors such as UV radiation, alcohol and nicotine consumption can greatly affect the skin and appearance.

Advantages of mesotherapy?

The benefits of mesotherapy treatment are her amazing and quick efficacy from the concurrent poverty of side effects. Mesotherapy can be applied to many diseases and ailments. Man saves her substantial amounts of drugs, which is why it is so well tolerated. By combining effects (synergy) of the drug effect with the special technique of incorporation are often to achieve even with chronic and persistent suffering good success, "ausbehandelten" in or refractory problem cases.

The successful treatment of aesthetic problems has helped the Mesotherapy to further recognition. Puffiness, facial wrinkles, cellulite, connective tissue and other skin problems are relieved by mesotherapy. Without surgical intervention through intensified blood and lymph circulation, tissue purification and regeneration, fat loss and collagen regeneration striking effects can be achieved.

Treatment spectrum of ultrasonic scrubber MICRO SLIM

Tiefendurchfeuchtung and penetration of active ingredients

Revitalization of the skin by means of pulsating micro massage

Activation of the skin s metabolism

The blood vessels are expanded, the metabolism is stimulated

Deep regeneration

Scar treatment

Improved circulation

Stimulates the lymphatic flow

Purification of the tissue

Reduction of age spots, pigmentation disorders

Increase of muscle tone (lifting effect

Synthesis of collagen and elastin in your skin

The device is manufactured in the USA.

Specifications Portable Ultrasonic Scrubber MICRO SLIM

Frequency of the ultrasonic waves: 22 - 26 kHz

Dimensions: 15.24 x 1.2 cm

Weight: 0.085 kg

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