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Mesotherapy is a gentle method to the natural beauty and performance of the body to get into old age. In addition to her general vitalizing effect the addition of certain substances can help to leave the traces of time disappear. Because not every problem that can no longer be treated cosmetically satisfactory heard mandatory under the scalpel. Mesotherapy is a gentle process, which achieves yet visible, natural-looking results. It is compared to surgery significantly cheaper, and few side effects in the case of needle-free Mesotherapien absolutely painless. The skin and the connective tissue to improve from the inside out, more self-treatments with pills, creams or tinctures that go beyond the daily care addition, are usually unnecessary.

Nevertheless, mesotherapy has its limits: Optimal results can only be achieved if the relevant anatomical structures are still intact. Like any other naturopathic methods can mesotherapy help only where the repair mechanisms of the body are still effective. The own lifestyle habits can affect the results greatly. Diet, exercise and other factors such as UV radiation, alcohol and nicotine consumption can greatly affect the skin and appearance.

Mesotherapy promises relief or cure for numerous medical and aesthetic problems from virtually all areas of medicine. Not infrequently, so help is possible even at very stubborn ailments.

The successful treatment of aesthetic problems has helped the Mesotherapy to further recognition. Puffiness, facial wrinkles, cellulite, connective tissue and other skin problems are relieved by mesotherapy. Without surgical intervention through intensified blood and lymph circulation, tissue purification and regeneration, fat loss and collagen regeneration striking effects can be achieved.

The special feature of mesotherapy is that substances and how these substances are introduced into the top layers of the skin.

The benefits of mesotherapy treatment are her amazing and quick efficacy from the concurrent poverty of side effects. Mesotherapy can be applied to many diseases and ailments. Man saves her substantial amounts of drugs, which is why it is so well tolerated. By combining effects (synergy) of the drug effect with the special technique of incorporation are often to achieve even with chronic and persistent suffering good success, "ausbehandelten" in or refractory problem cases.

Oxygen is not just an indispensable part of our lives, but also a great support for efforts to a beautiful aesthetic appearance. The modern science has been able to exploit the beneficial effects of the oxygen in the practice of mesotherapy. Thus, with the help of oxygen penetrate almost one hundred percent different Cosmetic preparations and serums into the skin. The presented oxygen Mesotherapiegerät AS 8910 can be used for the entire body of the people. The delicate effect of the device gives a rejuvenating effect, removes unpleasant swelling, removes unattractive dark circles under your eyes, treats and heals problematic skin.

With the oxygen-Mesotherapiegerät AS 8910 anti-cellulite treatments can be performed and the tissue of the body can be saturated with oxygen. Virtually any skin problem, for whose solution is visiting a beauty salon can be treated with the oxygen-Mesotherapiegerät AS 8910 and dissolved. Be sure - the purchase of this equipment is a worthwhile investment. If your customers want the removal of wrinkles, is long for a fresh and healthy appearance, desire a pure and smooth facial skin, the customers are plagued by cellulite, so you have with Oxygen Mesotherapiegerät AS 8910 the right solution at hand.

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