Set of basalt stones for stone therapy UMS-LY6

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We are confident, that visitors of our site are successful people in cosmetology and massage industry. So we made sure that in each section were present the best beauty products at great prices! For example, a set of basalt stones Large Circular Basalt UMS-LY6 is a great option for your massage practice. These stones are versatile and pleasant to the touch. Presented set is perfect for massage the buttocks or thighs, after heating stones to fifty-five degrees. These stones are placed on the back, under the shoulder blades etc. Basalt stones from a set of Large Circular Basalt UMS-LY6 will help masseur to warm up the necessary parts of the body to the desired temperature, for example, up to forty-five degrees or higher. This temperature helps to prepare the body for the massage, all required processes are started, and the client is relaxed completely.

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