Set of disposable covers for the headrest on massage table

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During the beauty and massage treatments, it is necessary to provide a certain amount of time for cleaning of the massage table from contamination, various massage oils, creams, aqueous solutions of curative medicinal tinctures. All this requires thorough wiping and cleaning of the table. Moreover, this must be done as soon as possible, because the next client may already waiting for his turn. A set of disposable covers for the headrest on massage table provides such a necessary function for customer comfort and functionality for a cosmetologist or a masseur. 100 pieces per pack, which provide an opportunity to save time on cleaning. They protect the headrest well from surface contamination. You give a customer confidence in the sterility of the surface, because no one touched the surface of a table before him. So a beautician or a masseur, and of course the client are able to meet all their requirements in cleanliness.

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