Silvano 3 Wave Diode Laser

Silvano 3 Wave Diode Laser
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What makes laser hair removal high quality? The beautician who performs it? Undoubtedly. But what can a beautician do without equipment? Quite right. Nothing.

Specially for those who do not accept the restrictions and accept only the best, the EOS ICE three-wave diode laser is presented on the  website. This laser guarantees laser hair removal on any type of skin, and its functional characteristics, compared to other devices, allow to obtain a permanent result in the minimum number of sessions.

Functionality of the appliance

The diode is considered the gold standard. Helps stop unwanted hair from growing anywhere on the body for 5-6 years. EOS ICE is able to treat even rough and hard hair with very deep bulbs, providing everyone with smooth skin. "How?" - you will ask, since the diode is not able to treat dark or olive skin.

Now it is capable. The presence of wavelengths of 755 nm, 808 nm and 1064 nm allows you to deal with light, red hair and even fine hair on an olive and completely dark skin. The type of skin is no longer an indicator. The EOS ICE laser guarantees the result to anyone who wants it.

Functional characteristics

The 755 nm wavelength, i.e. the radiation from an alexandrite laser, is used to treat delicate and sensitive areas. Despite the fact that the 755 nm wave is directed to the melanin pigment in the hair follicles, such a wavelength can remove hair with a minimal amount of melanin, or completely free of pigment. But what to do with the high power and rapid heating rate of alexandrite? It's simple: impeccable cooling prevents overheating of the skin, providing only positive results.

The wavelength of 808 nm, or the diode, is used for the epilation of large areas of the body, especially those where the hair is in excess, are long and hard. Thanks to the large size of the dot, the treatment of the back or legs requires a ridiculously short time compared to the classic models.

And now the dessert: wavelength of 1064 nm, which is used for patients with dark skin types. Neodymium laser radiation also allows African Americans to get rid of unwanted hair, ensuring their complete safety.

In addition, each of the wavelengths will eliminate the problem of ingrown hair. Separately, it is worth noting that procedures with the EOS ICE appliance are popular among men. With their help, it is possible to forget about irritation after shaving or the effect of the "blue beard". Now only smooth skin and excellent mood await your patients.

Treatment areas

We understand the functional characteristics, now let's move on to more precise data. And so, with the help of the EOS ICE laser, it is possible to remove hair from the face, from the area above the upper lip, neck, chest, back, armpits, abdomen, bikini area and legs.

But it is important to understand that in each individual area the hair grows differently, therefore each of them requires a different time for the patient to obtain the desired result.

Let's examine them separately:

• The area above the upper lip - the lasting effect is obtained in 6 weeks.

• Chin - the lasting effect is achieved in 10 weeks.

• Armpits - it takes 30 months to get a lasting result.

• Chest and back in men - it will take 3 months to complete the treatment.

• Female breast - lasting effect is achieved in 4 months.

• Legs - the treatment will last 6 months.

• Bikini zone - the desired result can be obtained in 3 months.

It is important that the specialist clarify these points to the client initially to avoid possible disappointments.

Skin type settings

Of course, an individual setting is selected for each skin type:

• Skin type 1-2

We recommend starting the treatment using a power of 15 J with a pulse length of 100 ms at a frequency of 3 Hz. By observing the smell and color of the skin, gradually increase the power.

• Skin type 3-5

You start the treatment using a power of 13 J with a pulse length of 100 ms at a frequency of 3 Hz. Or with a power of 16 J with a pulse length of 200 ms at a frequency of 2 Hz. Observing the smell and color of the skin, gradually increase the power up to 35 J with a frequency of 3 Hz.

• Skin type 6

You start the treatment using a power from 11 to 15 J with the pulse length from 100 to 200 ms at a frequency from 2 to 3 Hz. As the treatment progresses, gradually increase the power.

Advantages of the equipment

what distinguishes this device from all others represented by the market of cosmetology equipment? A number of advantages that make another laser seem like a child's toy •

* the Technology has been approved by the FDA. This means that the Silvano device is the safest for laser hair removal. Other manufacturers can only dream of this.

* The presence of three wavelengths allows you to perform the procedure on any type of skin. Now even African-Americans can get rid of unwanted vegetation without fear for their health.

• Thanks to several available types of cooling, the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during manipulation, regardless of skin color. The device settings eliminate the risk of burns or pigmentation.

* The laser operates in non-stop mode. This advantage allows the cosmetology center specialist to perform an unlimited number of procedures per day.

* The large size of the light spot makes it possible to process large areas of the body at a time, thus reducing not only the time of the procedure, but also the number of sessions required to achieve the result.

A perfect notification system constantly monitors the operation of the device and, if an error or breakdown is detected, automatically turns off. Thus, the cosmetologist does not have the opportunity to perform a bad procedure. Only high-quality and safe, just like that.

Side effect

It is worth noting that there are side effects after any cosmetic procedure. They are a normal reaction of the body to foreign interference. After applying the Silvano laser, side effects are expressed in redness of the skin, slight swelling and a state of drowsiness. After a few hours, these reactions go away on their own, so don't worry. 

More serious side effects are lightening of certain areas of the body in owners of dark skin types. This happens if the specialist has low qualifications and set the wrong settings on the device. To avoid this, it is necessary to train all the technicians who will use the laser, and then test them at the time of correct assimilation of the information received. 

Important notes in

order for procedures using this equipment to bring only positive results to the patient, the specialist must know certain points:

* Stop treatment if the skin is too red or the patient feels excessive pain. 

• When hair removal is necessary to apply a contact gel. 

• The number of sessions required depends on the size of the treatment area and the individual characteristics of the patient's body. You need to warn every client about this. 

* Be aware that a woman's face needs longer treatment than her body as she grows older. That is, the older a woman gets, the easier it is for her to remove hair from her legs than from the area above the upper lip. This is due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or menopause. 

And finally: in order for the cooling system to work without interruptions, you need to pour water into the device every month. 

To order the device

If you want to have the best equipment for laser hair removal, then the Silvano machine is your ideal choice. With it, you will be able to provide the highest quality services to every patient of the center, regardless of their skin color. In this way, you can increase the flow of customers, and even in the shortest possible time, because the best advertising is satisfied with the result of customers who have experienced the advantages of the device.

The company "Ukrainian medical systems" presents this equipment at the manufacturer's price, and also offers the opportunity for free training. To help you understand the rules of operation, our specialists conduct courses in the main office or online, as you like. After completing the training, you will be issued a certificate.

Orders are accepted from all cities and regional centers of Ukraine. To order delivery, fill out a callback request and our Manager will contact you during business hours to clarify all the details.

Contraindications to use

Unfortunately, despite all the advantages of the presented laser, procedures using it are prohibited for people who have contraindications. These are:

• oncological processes in the body;

* autoimmune diseases;

* infectious diseases;

* dermatological inflammations;

* chronic diseases in the acute stage;

* cardiovascular diseases;

• disruptions in the endocrine system;

* mental disorders;

* feverish States;

* damage to the integrity of the skin;

* malignant neoplasms;

* built-in pacemaker or metal implants in the intended treatment area;

• elevated temperature;

* critical days;

* pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The doctor is obliged to check the moment when the patient has contraindications, and, if they are found, refuse the latter to perform the procedure. Otherwise, the health consequences can be terrible.

Technical parameters

Type: diode

Wavelength : 755 nm/808 nm/1064 nm

Area of light spot : 14 x 14 mm

Output power: 1-120 j / cm2

The repetition of the pulse : 10-400 MS

Cooling system: air+water+sapphire tip+semiconductor cooling

Power of diode emitters: 900 W

Dimensions: 126x53x60 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Warranty : 12 months

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