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We present our lightweight, very compact and easy to use skin moisture analyzer BT-Analyze, which is used to obtain an objective assessment of the degree of hydration of the skin and the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

Of course, you can roughly estimate and so the skin moisture:

very dry skin: less than 33%
dry skin: 34-37%
normal skin: 38-42%
hydrated skin: 43-46%

But the use of the analyzer BT-Analyze will enable specialist immediately and up to a fraction of a percent to determine the degree of hydration and to choose the right procedure for maximum effect.

The action of the device is based on the dependence of the electrical resistance of the skin area from the saturation of its moisture. Measuring this value, the automatic calculation of the percentage of moisture content in tissues derived from the output values of the screen allows the practitioner to precisely determine the dryness of the skin and choose the most effective method of working with such a condition of the skin.

The instrument applied an innovative membrane sensor with high measurement accuracy, and the use of advanced technologies allows us to calculate and store the analyzer to 7 hydration readings at each session. Current readings are displayed and saved on a convenient LCD display that allows you to make an objective assessment of the effectiveness of procedures performed at the same time, or to explore up to 7 different areas of the skin.

Features analyzer hydration BT-Analyze

Main characteristics
The number of readings in memory: 7
Mode information: LCD Screen
Electrical parameters
Power suppli: stand-alone
BT Analyze Analyzer
Other characteristics
Package Size (LxWxH) cm: 20h13h8
Weight analyzer grams: 140
Manufacturer: United States, Seattle

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