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Looking for a really cool skin and hair analyzer? Then pay attention to the model UMS-TST-199. A compact device equipped with all the features for a complete diagnosis of the condition of the skin of the face and head is exactly what you need.

Device features

The skin and hair analyzer UMS-TST-199 is used by experts in the beauty industry to determine the condition of hair follicles, dermis and epidermis. Such a device allows one to find out what a particular problem of a patient with skin or hair is, for example, if the former becomes inflamed, and the latter begin to fall out in order to choose the most effective and suitable treatment method for this particular person.

Based on the data obtained from the devices, a specialist can choose home care and professional procedures for the patient to preserve youth and beauty, as well as to treat existing skin or hair problems. Most often, the presented device is used to determine:

skin moisture level;

the amount of sebum produced;

wrinkle depth;

collagen and keratin production rates.

In general, the analyzer allows not only to choose the right care or treatment, but also to prevent possible errors.

Distinctive features

Competitive advantages of the UMS-TST-199 model are:

The analyzer is equipped with a 50x lens for face skin and a 200x lens for scalp and hair. This allows you to analyze the condition of even the most sensitive skin.

The device has a high resolution shooting, high performance, as well as a high level of sensitivity analysis.

The compact size of the device, the built-in lithium battery, the absence of wires and the presence of autofocus allow the specialist to easily work with him even for a long time without straining his hand.

The device is equipped with 5 operating modes for easier and more convenient use.

Since the UMS-TST-199 model is not only equipped with a large SD card, but also has an additional one, you can save up to 5000 images. The photos themselves can be viewed from two types of angles.

The presence in the WI-FI analyzer provides the ability to save and transfer images to any gadget. In addition, the device can also record video.

The kit comes with a holder, which makes the work of a specialist even more convenient.

Among other things, the UMS-TST-199 analyzer is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen, which displays the entire processing process in real time. With such equipment you will experience the pleasure of working.


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