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If you have been looking for a high-quality skin and hair analyzer at a reasonable price for a long time, then the UMS-TST-568 model, presented on the  website, will definitely please you. The expanded functionality and compact dimensions of the device make it an indispensable assistant to the cosmetologist in any working conditions.

Device purpose

The skin and hair analyzer UMS-TST-568 is designed to diagnose the condition of hair follicles and all skin structures. Beautician patients will be able to find out the condition of their hair and skin in order to receive the most suitable routine care and treatment of existing problems. Using the device you can evaluate:

skin moisture level;

the amount of sebum produced;

wrinkle depth;

collagen and keratin production rate;

the presence of inflammatory processes;

tissue wilt rate.

The presence of an integrated host and a touch screen with voice prompts makes the work of an expert incredibly simple and understandable. Externally, the device has an interesting design and has a very small size, so it is convenient to carry. And the small amount of electricity consumed makes this device economically viable.

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