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The DON GIOVANNI vacuum-roller massage device is categorized as “3 in 1”, as it provides the cosmetologist with the opportunity to use the three most effective technologies for weight loss, removal of body fat and skin t... Read more...

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The DON GIOVANNI vacuum-roller massage device is categorized as “3 in 1”, as it provides the cosmetologist with the opportunity to use the three most effective technologies for weight loss, removal of body fat and skin tightening. With their help, it is possible to eliminate the manifestations of cellulite in the shortest possible time, remove the "fat reserves", eliminate the signs of aging and adjust the shape of the figure.

The DON GIOVANNI device is capable of a minimum number of sessions:

improve the appearance of various parts of the face and body;

remove accumulations of subcutaneous fat;

reduce body volume;

reduce the swelling of tissues, perform intensive lymphatic drainage;

eliminate even the most noticeable manifestations of cellulite;

remodel a figure;

effectively tighten any skin on the face and body;

eliminate sagging, wrinkles, restore the natural fresh appearance of the skin.

The effectiveness of DON GIOVANNI in removing fat and remodeling the figure is evidenced by the ability to reduce body volumes on average by 7 cm (in the buttocks area) in one session, change the hip circumference by 3-3.5 cm and reduce the waist size by 6-7 cm due to eliminating belly fat.

What makes it possible to achieve such good results with the DON GIOVANNI vacuum-roller massage device?

It is possible to overcome the accumulation of subcutaneous fat on the body with the help of a vacuum-roller massage manipulator, in which, simultaneously with the vacuum, RF and IR technologies are applied to the fiber. The combination of four techniques at once makes the treatment of skin and fatty tissue as efficient as possible and not only facilitates the mechanical breakdown of fat deposits, but also ensures the rapid processing of lipocyte contents, as well as facilitates the rapid removal of lipid decomposition products from tissues. Massage has a multifaceted stimulating effect on tissues. Additional heating of all layers of the dermis with radio wave and infrared radiation contributes to more intensive tissue nutrition and accelerates the replacement of old, degraded protein structures with new fibers. Due to this, rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin occur simultaneously, it tightens and the supply of oxygen and the substances necessary for normal cell nutrition improves.

To process small areas of the face and neck, DON GIOVANNI employs three small maniples using only two techniques - vacuum and RF exposure. This approach allowed in the most gentle mode to effectively process delicate areas with the achievement of the desired result.

Another type of fat removal used in this model is ultrasonic cavitation. For this, the cosmetologist uses a separate manipulator with a double emitter of ultrasonic vibrations. The peculiarity of the manipula is its high intensity and small area of ​​influence on lipid deposits, which makes it possible to process small areas of the skin with high accuracy.

Distinctive features of the DON GIOVANNI model are a large touch screen with a detailed convenient control menu, excellent access to the manipulators and ample opportunities to change the output parameters, which makes working with the device as convenient and simple as possible.

This device, remarkable in its capabilities, can be purchased by creating and saving an application on the website or by dialing the phone number of managers of the online store of the Ukrainian Medical Systems company. In addition, having bought the DON GIOVANNI device, you will undergo free training from company consultants who will in the shortest possible time teach you how to use the device correctly and effectively in your daily work. If necessary, training can be carried out not only in the training center, but also in remote mode. Distance learning will allow upgrading their skills and mastering new equipment for specialists from any corner of Ukraine.


Vacuum roller size M (medium)

Maximum vacuum pressure, kPa 100

Doubleshape Manipulation Design

Vacuum modes 1 continuous, 3 pulsed

RF frequency, MHz 5

Wavelength of infrared radiation, nm 700

IR light power, W 10

Power RF, W 60


Number of vacuum manipulators 3


Ultrasound cavitation frequency, kHz 40

Type of cavitation ultrasonic emitter double

Effective cultivated area 4.9 cm2


Screen 5.6-inch TFT touch

Supply voltage ~ 110/220 V 50-60 Hz

CE Certification EMC

Country of origin Korea

12 months warranty

Supply voltage, V 110-220
Display 5.6"
Frequency, Hz 40 MHz
General characteristics of lasers
Wavelength, nm 700
General characteristics of IPL
RF power, W 60
Technical characteristics of cryolipolysis devices
Vacuum power, kPa 100
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