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EMS Beauty and website we present to the attention of cosmetologists a new, fairly inexpensive model of weight loss equipment –the RMS-91 vacuum roller massage device, which has increased efficiency due to the use of new technical developments. Like many other weight loss machines, it uses methods of vacuum and roller exposure, radio-frequency and laser thermolysis, ultrasonic cavitation, which have long been familiar to specialists. But the use of new design tools in the composition of the RMS-91 in combination with updated software made it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of its work, reduce the time of treatment sessions, achieve the maximum duration of preserving the results, and minimize the side effects of the methods used.

The scope of application of the RMS-91 device is the following procedures:

non-surgical liposuction with reduction of the thickness of fat deposits and removal of cellulite;

reduction of body volume and remodeling of the waist, abdominal wall, thighs, buttocks;

skin rejuvenation and remodeling of any areas of the body and face;

effective removal of wrinkles, elimination of age-related skin changes;

lifting the skin on the face, neck, body.

Features and benefits of RMS-91

The RMS-91 vacuum roller massage device uses, as already mentioned, well-known techniques that allow you to achieve good results when performing various types of cosmetic procedures. The main feature of this device is a qualitatively new level of their application, which consists in the complex influence of several factors on fat tissue at once, as well as expanded opportunities for correcting deficiencies with the help of new manipulators.

The following techniques are used to remove fat, simulate body contours and other manipulations:

VelaShape massage (vacuum-roller) - can be carried out with the help of three manipulators for working out different parts of the body. All manipulators comprehensively use vacuum-roller massage, bipolar radiofrequency and laser IR radiation to remove adipose tissue and revitalize the skin. This allows you to simultaneously perform a mechanical breakdown of adipose tissue, accelerate the removal of adipocyte contents from tissues, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, accelerate cell regeneration, thereby carrying out a complex of procedures to eliminate fat, remodel the body, and rejuvenate tissues.To simplify the work of specialists, the applicators are equipped with their own touch screens.

Cryolipolysis is the stimulation of the processing of fat deposits under the influence of low temperatures, which allows removing local fat deposits in a fairly short time without disturbing the surface. A special feature of the main unit is the possibility of simultaneous use of two cryoapplicators and a large number of replaceable nozzles for them (up to 5 pcs.) with different impact areas. One more important feature is a lower temperature and the ability to preheat adipose tissue for more efficient procedures, as well as reduce the likelihood of bruising on the treated area.

4Ccavitation - conducting ultrasonic cavitation using a new applicator with a larger processing area and an extended range of intensity adjustment. In the 4CCAVITATION design, four emitters with a high specific power are used at once, which create a single processing zone with an area of 58 cm2, thereby significantly accelerating the performance of ultrasound cavitation on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

Vacuum + RF-is used as an independent type of complex effect when working with two small applicators during anti-aging and corrective procedures in the decollete, neck, and face area. Along with vacuum exposure, multipolar radio radiation of low power is used, which allows performing treatment (correction) even on the most delicate areas of the skin around the eyes.

Thus, the design features of the device provide it with an enviable list of competitive advantages, which include:

a high degree of safety for the client and the absence of side effects due to the correctly selected level of maximum exposure intensity;

a large set of tools with improved characteristics and anatomically correct body shape, which makes it possible to effectively and comfortably carry out treatment;

the presence of individual touch screens on the cases of velashape and cryolipolysis instruments for operational control of the session progress;

extended to -10°C temperature range of cold exposure and preheating mode of fabrics;

the possibility of simultaneous use of two cryoapplicators with an increased number of replaceable nozzles for them up to 5 pieces;

new applicator 4ccavitation with a large area of skin treatment;

ergonomic design of the housing of the stationary base unit, which provides convenient connection of applicators and good access to them during sessions;

a bright and contrasting rotary touch screen on the main unit, which allows you to easily adjust any parameters in any conditions;

low price and high reliability, which guarantee an optimal price-quality ratio.

By ordering this device on the website, you will receive high-performance equipment at a reasonable low price for getting rid of excess weight from customers, and you will also be able to go to remote training with the company's consultants who will teach your specialists how to effectively operate the new device.


The main technical parameters of the RMS-91:

Methods of vacuum-roller massage, RF, laser, cryolipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation,

The main TFT touch screen is 10.2 inches in size

3.5 inch TFT touch screen Manipulator

The direction of movement of the rollers 3 is opposite, in opposite directions, multidirectional

Vacuum modes 4 - 1 continuous and 3 pulse

Maximum vacuum, mmHg

200-730 (large applicator);

90-440 (medium and small)

Number of cryomanipules, pcs. 2

The maximum number of cryopumps, pcs. 5 Nozzle

sizes (LxWxH), mm







The minimum cryolipolysis temperature is -10°C

Frequency 4Ccavitation, kHz 27-40

4Ccavitation area and power, cm2/W 58/120-200

RF frequency, MHz 5

RF power, W 120

RF impact depth, mm 5-15 (2-4 for small manipulators)

Laser wavelength, 650 nm

Laser power, W 10

Lipolaser processing depth, mm 13

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