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For the attention of cosmetologists on the site he presented the VS-170 picosecond neodymium laser. A feature of the system is considered to be the three types of radiation available, so that the device becomes an indisp... Read more...

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Wavelength, nm - 808
Supply voltage, V - 110-220
Spot size, mm - 15x15 mm
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For the attention of cosmetologists on the site he presented the VS-170 picosecond neodymium laser. A feature of the system is considered to be the three types of radiation available, so that the device becomes an indispensable assistant for any specialist in the beauty sector. Indications for use

Initially, the VS-170 picosecond laser was designed to remove all types of tattoos and pigments, as well as to remove permanent makeup. But in the course of research, it emerged that the device effectively addresses a number of conditions, namely:

fine lines, mimicry and deep wrinkles;


open and closed comedones;

various types of pigmentation;

dull complexion;

reduced skin elasticity and firmness;

visible age changes;

post-acne, scars, scars, stretch marks;

unwanted vegetation on any part of the body.

In addition, the device is used for Carboniferous Peeling Operating principle

The VS-170 picosecond neodymium laser operates according to the principle of photographic acoustics. The heart rate generated by him does not exceed one trillionth of a second. Because of this, ultrashort pulses directed to the laser do not cause thermal damage, but only send a signal to the cells on it. As a result, the cells do not have time to warm up, but begin to expand, after which they are broken down into small particles. That is, the reorganization of the cellular matrix occurs without heating the epidermis. The division of healthy cells begins, the metabolism is activated, resulting in younger, firmer and more elastic skin. This effect, by the way, is evident after the first treatment. But for a pronounced and persistent effect a course of procedures is needed, the number of which depends on the specific problem of the patient and the individual characteristics of his body.

For each condition, the doctor selects a specific wavelength. So, for example, radiation with a length of 1064 nm can be used both for removing hair and for removing the black pigment of a tattoo. The 755 nm radiation is perfectly suited to mimic wrinkles and the yellow pigment and 532 nm effectively treats the green, blue and blue colors of the tattoo. If necessary, for more pronounced results, the doctor may combine radiation.

Another advantage of the system is worth noting: between the procedures it is not necessary to make such large intervals, as, for example, after grinding CO2, because the skin is not damaged. So a week or two between treatments will be enough to eliminate all defects within 1-2 months. At the same time, the effect of the procedure will increase for 3-4 months, after which it will last for one or two years. Technological functions

The picosecond VS-170 neodymium laser stands out among other systems with numerous advantages:

The device is approved for use by the FDA. This means that the device is completely safe for use in humans and also confirms its clinical effectiveness.

The presence of three wavelengths allows the specialist to carry out various treatments for face and body, noting the need to use additional devices.

The presented model can be easily defined universal, since its use is allowed on all skin phototypes at any time of the year. It is also worth noting that the device can also be used on children with scars, without damaging the body.

The non-invasive method eliminates long downtime. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to his usual business. Although it is recommended to take a day off for a day in order to get red.

Patients may not worry about the side effects, because the laser's middle name is "cold", that is, thermal damage is excluded, which means that the risk of negative body reactions is minimized.

For the same reason, the execution of the manipulation is painless. The patient does not need anesthesia, since he feels only heat or a slight tingling, but no more.

Also, I want to mention the compact size of the device. Because of this, it can be installed on any surface, including a cosmetic trolley, and make the device mobile if necessary. Prohibition of use

Laser procedures are prohibited under such conditions:

damage to the integrity of the skin;

inflammatory dermis processes;

malignant neoplasms;

mental illness;


pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Handling performed with at least one contraindication can cause serious damage to the patient's health.

To purchase the laser sent, leave a callback request and the manager of the RosMedSystems store will contact you during the working week and will assist you in the ordering procedure. By choosing us, you, in addition to the certified equipment Oi, you have the opportunity to learn how to work with him for free.

After graduation, you will be issued a certificate. And right at the purchase, we provide a guarantee on the device, which will ensure you in case of problems. Orders are accepted from all regions of Russia.

technical features:

Diode type </ td>

Wavelength 808 nm or 755/808/1064 nm

Light area 15x15 mm

Power 600 W.

Frequency 1-10 Hz

Voltage 110-220 V

General characteristics of lasers
Wavelength, nm 808
Supply voltage, V 110-220
Spot size, mm 15x15 mm
Power, W 600
Frequency, Hz 1-10
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