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EMS Beauty store is pleased to present THE FLASH advanced diode laser for three wavelengths. With it, laser hair removal can be carried out safely for everyone.

Technology Capabilities

THE FLASH is a diode laser equipped with three types of radiation - 808 nm, 755 nm and 1064 nm. The 808nm beam has a high energy level, which ensures the guaranteed elimination of vegetation and effectively copes with deep-seated follicles.

The wavelength of 755 nm works more on the surface, therefore it is able to remove, fluffy and even gray hairs. But 1064 nm can remove unwanted vegetation on the skin of any color, even in African Americans without the risk of leaving a burn, scar or pigmentation disorder.

As you can see, the available functionality allows a specialist to perform laser hair removal on any skin phototype. And also treat folliculitis, eliminate the problem of ingrown hairs and reduce excessive growth of vegetation in women and men. Of course, it all depends on whether the client has purchased a handpiece equipped with three types of radiation. With its help, treatments can be carried out at different depths of tissues and with different intensities of the laser beam.

In addition, the cosmetologist can select either the set epilation modes through the control panel, or manually adjust the parameters, including intensity, frequency and duration of pulses, treatment time, etc. In addition, the device is able to save the settings of 8 modes of operation in order to apply them if necessary.

Distinctive features

Advantageous features of THE FLASH laser include:

  • A set of maniples, one of which is equipped with three wavelengths. This expands the range of possibilities for the beautician.
  • The large spot size makes it possible to quickly epilate large areas of the body, reducing the duration of the procedure, respectively, of the entire course in general.
  • The large cooling spot size and multiple types of cooling system prevent overheating of the skin, eliminating the risk of burns, scarring or discoloration.
  • The ergonomic handpiece allows the beautician to treat even hard-to-reach areas.
  • During the procedure, the patient experiences almost no pain.
  • In addition, the absence of invasiveness eliminates the rehabilitation period, so that immediately after the completion of the manipulation, the patient can go about his business.

You can purchase the presented equipment at a bargain price on the EMS Beauty website. We will train you for free on how to properly operate the purchased device, after which we will issue a certificate of course completion. We also provide a service guarantee. And you can order delivery throughout Europe.

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