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The UMS-HF2 Vaginal is a new model of ultrasound equipment (HIFU), which allows to restore the relief of the inner surface and stimulate the muscles of the vagina due to the recombination of collagen fibers, thereby returning the brightness of sexual sensations.

HIFU Technology Features

The term HIFU is an abbreviation that refers to the use of intense ultrasonic vibrations focused at desired points at a certain depth during sessions. A huge advantage of this technique is its complete non-invasiveness and the ability to quickly achieve excellent long-term improvements without the use of any drugs. The high effectiveness of the treatment is based on the body’s ability to renew the protein fibers that make up the tissue “frame” after a short intensive ultrasound heating to a temperature of 60-70 ° C. This technology is used relatively recently, but during its existence it has allowed to achieve excellent long-term results in cell rejuvenation, lifting, normalization of weakened skin and mucous membrane functions, as well as a number of other effects associated with improving cell functioning. Speaking about HIFU, visitors to beauty salons most often recall the procedures of rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin lifting on the face and body, elimination of the second chin or other similar procedures.

Recently, the HIFU ultrasound technique has been used effectively to eliminate the effects of vaginal relaxation, restore the surface topography and initial muscle tone. Vaginal HIFU devices today are a unique tool for restoring the original mucosal relief and muscle tone, do not pose the slightest threat to the health status of patients and have been approved for use by leading international medical experts.

The UMS-HF2 Vaginal HIFU device is successfully used by leading experts from around the world and is designed to normalize the condition of the mucous membranes and also restore vaginal muscle tone using an ultrasound technique.

UMS-HF2 Vaginal Application

The impact on the vaginal tissue is performed in a non-invasive manner, which allows, without causing damage, to cause the recombination of collagen fibers in the walls of the vagina and to ensure the restoration of the relief smoothed for various reasons. Due to the point impact of ultrasound on the walls, a long-term effect of recombination of the collagen frame at the focus points of the vibrations is achieved, and outside the focus area, muscle fibers of the vaginal walls are stimulated. At the same time, the course of metabolic processes in the cells is stimulated, which allows not only restoring the relief, but also improving the general condition of the tissues. The duration of individual sessions and the entire course depends on many factors and should be determined by a specialist, but the absence of invasive procedures and pain compensate for such a feature of treatment as achieving maximum effect within a few weeks.

The non-invasive technique used in the device gives good results even after one session, but the actual time may vary in different patients. The time to achieve the desired effect varies depending on the general condition and individual characteristics of the body, but most importantly, only the body’s own capabilities are used for treatment, which guarantees good results in the absence of undesirable side effects.

Indications for use of UMS-HF2 Vaginal are:

the need for vaginal lifting;

weakening of sexual sensations with vaginal relaxation;

weakening of muscle tone, the need for vaginal rejuvenation or improvement of the vaginal mucosa.

To perform manipulations, the device is equipped with a manipulator with two cartridges of different sizes, using different ultrasonic frequencies. The manipulator provides a sufficiently large angle of rotation of the radiation source and a large focusing area, which, combined with a large interval for adjusting the intensity of ultrasound, makes it possible to accurately dose the effect on the mucosa and muscles to achieve the best treatment results.

Thus, using the apparatus of the UMS-HF2 Vaginal model, specialists can quickly and efficiently return to patients the brightness of sensations lost due to various reasons, restore or rejuvenate tissues and restore good health, freeing them from many unpleasant sensations.

Main technical specifications:

Output energy, J 0.2-1.5

Cartridges 3.0 mm (4 MHz), 4.5 mm (7 MHz) with a resource of 10,000 pulses

Interval of exposure, mm 1.0-3.0

Focal length, 5-25 mm with a resolution of 1.0 mm / step

Angle of rotation, ° 5-25

Single phase AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz

Weight, kg 24

Package Size, cm 63x38x67

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