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The ND-9090 is a multi-functional device that combines multiple methods for effective cosmetic and medical treatments. It includes the functions of fat freezing, cavitation, RF exposure, vacuum massage, as well as infrared and light exposure.

The multifunctional handle of this machine allows you to perform a variety of procedures, including RF exposure and infrared light. The Fat Freeze Pen helps eliminate fat deposits, while the 40K Cavitation Pen helps fight cellulite and weight loss. The six-pole RF pen lifts and firms the skin, and the vacuum roller pen is used for vacuum massage.

This machine is ideal for beauticians and medical professionals who want to provide a variety of treatments to their clients. High power and versatile features make it an indispensable tool for achieving visible results.

The ND-9090 provides the following benefits:

Fat Freeze: The Fat Freeze Pen destroys fat cells resulting in a visible reduction in volume and weight. This method is safe and non-invasive.

Cavitation: The 40K cavitation pen uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat deposits, helping to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

RF Treatment: With a 5 MHz radio frequency, this machine helps to tighten and firm the skin while combating drooping areas of the body.

Vacuum massage: The large vacuum roller handle massages and tightens the skin with vacuum and RF technology, improving blood circulation and skin structure.

Light exposure: Infrared and light exposure promotes optimal blood circulation and skin regeneration.

The ND-9090 is a complete solution for estheticians and medical professionals who are committed to providing a wide range of services to achieve the best results for their clients. Thanks to its powerful features and diverse methods, you can meet the different needs and desires of your clients, providing them with excellent results and treatment satisfaction.


Multifunctional built-in handle.

Air pump negative pressure operating voltage: 220V/110V.

RF working voltage: DC36V.

RF output frequency: 5MHz.

RF output level: 10.

Maximum RF output power: 60W.

Has 40K+RF+BlO+infrared light + suction.

Fat freezing handle:

The main name of the operation: Fat Freezing Handle.

Negative pressure air pump operating voltage: 220V/110V.

Output power: 60-500W.

Temperature: -10°C~5°C.

40K Cavitation Pen Parameters:

Operating head name: 40k cavitation handle.

Working voltage: 36V 40K.

Output frequency: 40 kHz.

Maximum output power: 54W.

Effective area: 33 cm².

Energy density: 1.62 W/cm².

Impulse withdrawal method.

Output file: 8 levels.

Six polar RF handle:

Head name: Six polar RF handle.

RF working voltage: DC36V.

RF output frequency: 5MHz.

RF output level: 10.

Maximum RF output power: 67W.

Large vacuum roller handle:

Working head name: Large vacuum roller handle.

Negative pressure air pump working pressure: 220V/110V.

Roller motor working voltage: DC12V.

RF operating frequency: 5 MHz.

RF output level: 10.

Maximum RF output power: 60W.

Negative pressure air pump power: 270W.

Infrared wavelength: 650 nm.

Green light wavelength: 560 nm.

Blue light wavelength: 490 nm.

This ND-9090 provides versatility and high performance, making it an ideal tool for a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures.

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