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This device is multifunctional, it allows to carry out the vacuum and radiofrequency treatment for face and body. LED and Softlaser technologies are included. The three technologies can be used simultaneously or separately.

The vacuum massage makes a slight action on the skin tissue to reactivate and improve blood circulation. Treatment with this appliance guarantees visible results already after the first session. After a course of procedures the skin will be smooth and elastic. With this appliance it is very easy to overcome the fight against cellulite and skin imperfections.

The radio frequency is controlled by the TPE Control System which allows to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen by fibroblasts and to make cell renewal of the deeper layers.

Thanks to LED laser treatment, cellular metabolism is stimulated, which induces the skin to increase collagen production and activate the alteration processes of the tissues that cause cellulite. The softlaser improves the microcirculation of the capillaries and consequently reduces water retention and eliminates toxins from the body.

The device is equipped with a handpiece that allows you to perform all types of treatments included. With Rigenera 3 you can eliminate wrinkles, stretch marks, localized fat and cellulite.

Technical data:

- Power supply: 230V

- Multipolar radio frequency with 455KHz frequency

- Pulsed and continuous vacuum

- Color touchscreen display 10.1

- Red LED wavelength: 633nm

- Laser wavelength: 905 nm

- Dimensions: 62x39x111cm

- Weight: 25 kg

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