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The online store "EMS-Beauty" is pleased to present to your attention the ZEROBODY lipolaser. Its capabilities will take the beauty business to a new level.Hardware BenefitsZEROBODY is a lipo laser with EMS technology. W... Read more...

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The online store "EMS-Beauty" is pleased to present to your attention the ZEROBODY lipolaser. Its capabilities will take the beauty business to a new level.

Hardware Benefits

ZEROBODY is a lipo laser with EMS technology. With its help, it is possible to quickly and effectively correct the figure. This is done by applying low-intensity laser radiation and electrical stimulation to fat cells to cause their destruction. After the death of adipocytes, they are excreted through the lymphatic system.

Electrical stimulation affects muscle tone, allowing you to speed up the process of achieving the desired result. With the help of technology, it is possible to achieve results that diet and exercise cannot provide. Increasing muscle tone can speed up the process of obtaining lasting results.

The treatment is absolutely painless and does not require a period of rehabilitation. The procedure is performed at any time of the year for people of all ages with all skin types. And allows ZEROBODY to perform a wide range of manipulations:

elimination of stubborn fat pockets;

reduction in the severity of cellulite;

reduction in volume and body weight;

tightening of flabby, sagging tissues;

increased muscle tone;

modeling of body contours;

smoothing stretch marks, scars and scars;

stimulation of metabolic processes, lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

It is possible to see a positive effect after just one session. But a lasting result is achieved only after a course of procedures. It is determined by a specialist, based on the individual problem of the patient.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is important that the device is not used with such contraindications:

pregnancy and lactation period;

infectious diseases;

inflammatory processes;

exacerbation of chronic diseases;

the presence of a built-in pacemaker or metal implants;


renal and hepatic insufficiency;



high fever, flu and acute respiratory infections.

Before starting treatment, the specialist must make sure that it does not harm the patient.

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Equipment parameters

Dimensions - 53.4 x 40 x 105.7 cm

Net weight - 32 kg

Gross weight - 41 kg

Voltage - 90~250V / 50~60Hz

Output level - 0~99/max. 70 W

Display - LED monitor / dynamic body contouring

Warranty - 1 year

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