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Attention of cosmetologists presents the device 3in1 - KLEVER. With it, a cosmetologist can carry out various skin care procedures on all skin types.

Equipment features

The KLEVER device has a name for a reason: the system is equipped with three advanced technologies - IPL SHR, a neodymium laser and RF lifting. With their help, a specialist can perform a wide range of manipulations, regardless of the phototype of the patient's skin.

IPL SHR is a classic photoepilation, the efficiency of which is many times higher and safer due to SHR technology - Super Hair Removal. This modification allows you to evenly distribute IPL light throughout the bulb and hair shaft, providing the patient with the desired results in a shorter period of time.

A neodymium laser generates three types of radiation, due to which it is used for various procedures - from hair removal to tattoo removal. It is worth noting that a neodymium laser is suitable for removing unwanted hair for all skin types, regardless of its color.

RF lifting is intended exclusively for tissue rejuvenation. Exposing to radio waves, RF causes the recombination of the collagen framework and the synthesis of new collagen. Due to this, the effect of the procedure is growing, and the result is long - up to 3 years.

Indications for use

The KLEVER system is designed for such manipulations:

removal of unwanted vegetation on all skin types;

removal of tattoos;

treatment of vascular lesions;

wrinkle smoothing;

lifting of sagging skin;

restoration of reduced skin tone;

a decrease in the severity of pigmentation of various origins;

smoothing scars, acne, stretch marks;


Treatments can be performed on both the body and face. Depending on the specific problem of the patient, the specialist will choose the appropriate size manipulation.


Contraindications to the use of the equipment presented are:

pregnancy and lactation;

oncological processes in the body;

endocrine system diseases;

cardiovascular diseases;

infectious diseases;

autoimmune diseases;

mental disorders;

mechanical skin injuries;

inflammatory and purulent processes on the skin;

feverish conditions;

the presence of an integrated pacemaker, metal or silicone implants.

Otherwise, there is a very high risk of health problems.

Order device

If you are interested in the KLEVER device, you can purchase it at a bargain price in the online store. Choosing us, you choose high-quality and certified equipment that has passed all clinical trials. In addition, you can pick it up at a cost that is 10% lower than that of other suppliers.

As a bonus, we provide our customers with free training on how to operate purchased equipment. The format of training you choose, and after its completion you will receive a certificate. A service guarantee is also issued to the device.


Package Size 76*62*132cm./58*43*45cm.(2 Packages)

Weight(N/G) 76/93KG

Power requirement AC220V/110V 50~60Hz SHR


430/530/560/590~1200nm , 





Frequency 1-10HZ

Energy 1-50J/cm2

Pulse Duration 1-7ms

Spot size 8*40 mm², 12*30 mm², 12*45 mm², 15*50 mm² 

Cooling system Sapphire contact cooling style+air+semi-conductor

Crystal temperature -10~5°C

RF Energy 10-50J/cm²(adjustable)

RF Frequency 6MHZ

RF Output mode Bi-polar

Cooling Water 

Treat head Three (small ,mid and big )

Wavelength 532nm,1064nm,1320nm

Energy 1-1600MJ

Frequency 1-6hz

Pulse Duration 8-10ns

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